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I don't see any harsh comment? The purpose of these investigations must be to find the causes so solutions can be found. All comments are welcomed without predjudice and as many different angles as can show light inform an improved outcome . In the rush to sell new product meet budget constraints or simply keep the roads open many business gloss over the risks and in this instance everyone concerned relied on common sense and good judgement from others. That more people aren't killed on our roads defies the odds every day and certainly Tesla have benefitted from that. The important consideration is how to make consumers and technology users as risk free as possible and achieving that outcome must be everyones main priority. - Not finding blame.
With the Respiratory Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the news selectively affecting those 65 -75 and those said to have compromised immune systems It is reasonable to question (though logically there should be no doubt) whether air pollution can pedispose susceptability to similar disease outbreaks. In which case there are many millions of people in many countries affected as secondary victims of polluters. "But a decade-long study, tracking the impacts on a cohort of rhesus macaque monkeys from infancy to adulthood in California, is providing startling insight into what humans could expect in the future. The animals grew lungs with 20 per cent less capacity than healthy monkeys; they show signs of the life-threatening condition pulmonary fibrosis; and they fight infection less effectively. And, most troubling, they could pass all of those traits on to their offspring. Lisa Miller, who helped oversee the study at the University of California's Primate Centre, said the lessons from the study were applicable beyond the monkeys."
This technology promotion states "LNG reduces sulfur oxide and fine particulate emissions by 99%, nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 85% and CO2 emissions by around 20%;" But recently posted ICCT life-cycle analysis finds no climate benefit in using LNG as marine fuel The results of a new analysis by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) show that, when combined with a trend toward higher methane leakage and combustion slip, there is no climate benefit from using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel—regardless of the engine technology. Would seem at odds with the promotion.
I wonder why the link between compromised health and immunity to respiratory disease such as the current corona repiratory virus isn't even discussed. Many disease epidemics have originated in locaions where there are contributing challenging environmental factors canary in the mine? Do we need another study to investigate the obvious. Is it unscientific to draw such conclusions from established understanding?
Although it is impossible to be precise there is a long history of and accumulated studies, measurement and observaton over 5 decades that informs understanding of soil carbons and carbon farming. Bio char or terra petra has specific site requirements if the agricultural benefits are intended. Compost as soil carbon is affected by the soil conditions including drought or moisture and tilling. The colonies of soil living organisms that keep the carbon need to be maintained or if they reduce the carbon outgases. Recent fires in Aus can claim to give new meaning to scorched earth. Releasing carbon emissions comparable to the anual global carbon emissions 'cooked' the ground and driven out eqivalent amounts of below gound soil carbon and changed or destroyed many of the varied species soil biota fungi etc that would in normal times maintain soil carbon including within their body.
It's unclear if this refers to the standup small wheel style ( presumed) or the motor scooter sit down road version. Motorcyle riders wouldn't go near either as the small wheels are simply an accident waiting to happen. It's one of those things that it's not really possible to ban them but it is important to inform the consumer. Regular reports from various aian countries of inexpuerienced tourists coming to grief on hired two wheelers the ones with experience would think twice.
Nearly decided not to kill myself after wrongly thinking this was the Japan total but seeing that it is world total might have to reconsider WTF. If I was a sailor I'd know how to cope with the doldrums. I guess it is a new industry - the F.C. bit as opposed to H2 generation which can be seen as future renewable energy compatable symbio. Decisions decisions.
1,000 hp diesel boosted with 80/150kW emotor @ 4:1 has to have a wide application. So many manufactures are not able to clean sheet away from fossil fuel drivetrains unfortunately but to have options such as this ready to ship surely will be an 'in' allowing entry to e tech for the mass auto industry. Personally wishing for better but realistically these are clever steps. Developments have traditionally changed 'one thing at a time' for good reason.
Just today the post in GCC describing funding for new technology research in California shows how much is needed to impement the ambitious target that H2 (vehicles) require to I.m.O. meet the domestic consumer market. "The hydrogen systems must demonstrate an electricity-in and electricity-out solution in customer side of the meter applications (not just generate electrolytic hydrogen)." Industry incl grid storage can use as much RE H2 as is likely to be achieved any time soon is beyond question. Global H2 demand is only going up. I understand the battery advocates view that X(H2) funding reduces money available for other (batt ) research but we can walk and chew gum? Meanwhile spending on military is so many times greater and does nothing to make the world a safer place. That does nothing for the rest not counting on ascention while hastening armageddon or end times.
The bio gas they sell for a higher cost than the grid electricity and N.G. they buy a price on carbon would fix that. Just don't mention the evil three letter word starting with t and ending in x.
According to available lit the solid state lidar uses less power amongst other advantages. "Quanergy’s S3-8 solid-state LiDAR to be showcased at CES 2020" Media release going back to Dec 2017 shows the company has been busy.
Power consumption for a five station liar. 10-20 Hz 600-1200rpm vs solid state? and the supporting processing power. As always these systems are associated with all the gadgets and comforts on offer. Far from the energy required to propel a vehicle.
Bit by bit the ways to implement incremental improvements should apply to all that wish to stay competitive. The two motor system is an efficient way to offer high power on demand but in this version - If the front is disconnected does that mean lost opportunity to the regenerative braking? Presumably the new braking 'residual torque' refers to disc pad drag reduction which would be interesting to detail.
As far as sensible use of labour this can only be a good thing. There are better ways to spend ones time than eg 'shifting dirt from one hole and putting it in another back and forth. Most auto trades workers are capable of other tasks. The same will be for the service trades. Those that feel the need to stay informed in tech trades will find their skills are fully transferable to so many areas of modern life from R.E. electronics agriculture etc in fact the tech training from transport is 'can do' and relavent. Aside from the exciting explosive aspect of i.c.e. why would anyone want to stay greasy burnt and vaped working on clunky gas vehicles. That should translate to consumer savings and a much needed workforce for the future.
In stealth black it should have speeding fines. Or any incognito camo art illusion. Simple facets make sense on stainless. I don't know that Tesla or the owners need understatement.
You just don't get it. If I ave a BEV and solar maybe battery for the house factory etc then for the cost of a plug I can fill up for very little ~ almost no cost at my convenience. Worst case I can spend more money on beefing up the stationary generation system if the need arises. Best case just plug into the house supply at no cost at all. There are also concept passenger vehicles that are close to design rating as fully solar powered 20,000klm /year. I have no problem believing that hydrogen is a technically capable 'zero carbon ful despite it's poor efficiency. I just don't see it can be as relevant for the masses or empower me in any near future. I can't economically generate H2 I can't store it I can't justify throwing away perfectly usable electrons on poor conversion efficiency the infrastructure to refill is as non existent as the rest of the H2 economy that is everything EXCEPT FOR the batteries. One trick ponies and fantasies are easily dismissed by anyone with a memory. The fact is many people( those that aren't shareholders in the fossil fuel (or sin) economy) understand that time is against us for carbon reduction action. People know better than to depend on the current legacy politicians who continue in their merry way to let us down in every way imaginable. We must live in hope.
EErock, once your off grid solar has paid for itself the cost would be ~$0. On the other hand the carbon dioxide emitting fuels including those mentioned above are also known to be on track to cost the earth. Even Siri can't tell me how much that works out as in $$.
Good for urban metro. Pedstrians and bikes even small cars can end up in blind spots in traffic. Range of consequences for drivers in country areas from contact with animals on the road. Outback roadtrain drivers are more concerned with catching camels sized critters as they can end up in ones lap. Battery and Charging Battery Capacity 32.6 kWh Battery Useable 28.9 kWh Real Range Estimation between 130 - 280 km City - Cold Weather * 180 km Highway - Cold Weather * 130 km Combined - Cold Weather * 155 km City - Mild Weather * 280 km Highway - Mild Weather * 170 km Combined - Mild Weather * 215 km
Some mining trucks have been shown able to recharge batteries on the long downhill return journey which in large pits can be some kilometres long. Saves on brakes so safer while supplying extra power for the uphill journey. Suggests adjusting the battery capacity on these would make sense.
Very clever. I wonder if the 5 (+1) cylinder version with it's cooler running cylinder can achieve much greater efficiency given it adds complexity and dimension / weight. Both would return more than adding extra conventional cylinder. Wile the 5 cycle can/does use water injection on cycle 5 the same method may be applicable to this. Old school water injection has seen some interest / application? in some current engine designs.
Note single speed transmissions in combination with switchable (free-wheeling) motors on front and rear axles has shown energy savings as well as acceleration and F/R handling capability. I would suggest that 4 motor vectoring and power delivery would leverage those advantages.
Wasn't crazy made compulsory a few years back? anyhow this is concept teaser. I guess designers are thinking about lightweight backup on board charging for no go situations as more relevant than as a range extender . Reminds me of the emergency flat tyre seen on many modern vehicles. Does a drivetrain get any better? The added cost may not be as high as one may think as duplication is for a very few downsized components and even fewer xtra manufacturing processes.
Could be useful management tool for reducing fuel loads in woodlands.