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Hiya, its @arniepalmer here - here's my two pennies worth and as yet, I have not received my refund either. I absolutely, definitely, wihtout a shadow of a doubt sign up for their service and I got billed around 50-60 qid, they have offered me a refund of £31.00 which I have accepted as I can't be bothered to get into an argument with Ines. What really p&sses me off is that they take your money immediately and then say they will send you a cheque, all they have ot do is refund it to the phone or send it to me via paypal, bacs or any other method. It is my honest opinion that this service is a con and if ofcom do nothing about it - it shows that ofcom should not exist - these companies and all telecoms companies have far too much money and it would not surprise me to see a few of our MP's as directors of many of them.
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Jun 1, 2013