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This is so spot on! I am seeing so many people who are not learning as fast as they should be. That is why I did work on a service called the 'personal learning accelerator'. Your trusted talent advisor is really needed! So, I would like to collaborate to make this happen. Any contacts that you suggest? Thanks!
This is even more true in Europe and especially The Netherlands. Most big companies are subsidiaries of American companies. Fear is the rule. You have to comply to the guidelines from HQ, otherwise you are kicked out. There is no innovation at the European or at the local level, because that is what HQ does. Well, is supposed to be doing. So, nothing happens and the motivation of the local leaders is at a very low level. So, it is crucial to decentralize innovation again and get some enthusiasm flowing again!
Excellent article, Adam! One of the reasons behind this 'sticking to your core ' thing is that most people don't want to leave their comfort zones. Especially the leaders. They argue that they don't need to change themselves, but their employees should. But if they don't practice what they preach nothing will change and they will loose the game. The harder you stick to your current practices, the harder you will fall.
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Aug 26, 2010