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Amazon wouldn't make Prime membership a monthly fee, but they can and will make their streaming plan a Prime benefit that you can pay for without joining Prime. Amazon's streaming apps for Roku and my Blu-Ray players don't rise to the quality of Netflix. They are both difficult to use and neither offers a queue. I'd never consider Amazon over Netflix until that's fixed. Aside from that, I can't stream to my Android phone or iPad yet. Amazon has more ground to cover than just the number and quality of shows that they offer if they truly want to catch Netflix.
Is this not $50 per person per month? I wouldn't do that. You have to see 5 movies to break even in my area and I couldn't find that many that I actually want to go to. At $100 for a pair of passes that would be a big no from me.
I got that mailer from D*TV and noted it's similarity to a Netflix mailer. The only time I ever rent a movie from them is when they send me a coupon. Like I tell people all the time, if waiting 30 days for Netflix to get it mattered to me, I probably wouldn't have been willing to wait the MONTHS that it took for the movie to show up on D*, I would have seen it in the theater. Dish is stupid. Their only offers you the option to watch a movie in the browser, you can't stream it to your box to watch on your TV. My brother has Dish and only has to wait a few more weeks to move to D*. Dish absolutely sucks.
I got a new Roku XD over the weekend and I was streaming Netflix all night on it without issue. Wasn't aware there was a problem until this morning.
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May 12, 2011