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Recent Activity you're going to make sure the service has something you want before continuing to subscribe to it? It has something you want now. But if it doesn't in the future you will cancel? I've never heard of anyone making such a ridiculous decision. Seriously why wouldn't you just keep all of your services forever no matter what, that way you can always have access to them at any given second. As far as there not being any big news. In slightly over 5 months we'll all have access to dreamworks content. So maybe Netflix should hold out on announcing their deals because clearly some of us have some issues with long term memory, oh and House of Cards and Arrested Development are in the works, as well as a second season of Lilyhammer.
I have to fully agree with you Edward. The idea that you could possibly get everything from one place for 7.99 is insane. Netflix can't afford to pay HBO what Game of Thrones is worth and HBO can't afford to give Netflix Game of Thrones for what they can afford to pay. The money for this has to come from somewhere and I understand as a streaming customer in a lot of cases my measly 7.99 just doesn't do that. So I'm always happy with what I get.
@Cordcutter - You're looking at that as the only presented argument. In law you have to argue any angle, its not about seeming politically correct. It's actually about not being sued for millions of dollars. Whatever gets you off the hook gets you off the hook. It's all relative. The system is broken.
Is it not that fraudulent to you? It is to me. Let me outline the reasons, again. 1. Netflix is currently the leader in what they are looking for, and they provide 2 different ways to view the content, a majority of which is subtitled. 2. None of this content belongs to Netflix, basically the outcome of this lawsuit is that they would be forced to remove all non subtitled content to avoid being sued. How does that make any sense? 3. No American has the right to Netflix. People who live in areas without internet cannot stream. Many deaf people can get a cochlear implant that improves their hearing greatly. This is as expensive as someone moving to another area. 4. Where is the precedence for this? These lawsuits have been filed over and over again, with little to no success other then small settlements. Who do you think is really getting this money? I'll tell you this they aren't sending a 30 cent check to every deaf person in America. 5. All people have an institution. "The National Association of the Deaf" It's right at the top of the article... If everyone thought as you would we wouldn't have a any corporations left to provide things like this because you're on the opposite spectrum of me. The difference between us is, I only support companies worth supporting, while you are denouncing your hate for all of them. I think maybe you mistake my attempts at humor in this post for distaste towards a group of people, which in fact could not be more incorrect. I've taken multiple years of sign language classes and have a basic understanding of the language, I even have some extended family that are part of the big D community. That is just the way I write, its not meant to be offensive its meant to be biting. Your first paragraph is gibberish. I don't support Enron...I don't support BP...I do support the governments right to ensure the companies aren't illegally stealing money or damaging the environment or quality of life of the nation. But you look at this 'problem' to seriously if you think no subtitles on a few Netflix shows is causing pain and suffering to the deaf community. Netflix should not be sued into providing a service that no one else has to provide. I don't see how difficult that is to understand. That is unconstitutional. A lawsuit on that grounds is fraudulent and petty.
Who are the empowered and institutional(that is gibberish by the way) that I am aligning myself with? I think corporations should have the right to refuse a service to someone, or provide the service in a way they see fit for their business model. That doesn't even really come into play here though because Netflix is the king of internet video, and they are also the king of subtitled internet video. I don't really understand where you're coming from Tim other then a place of hate. Am I still all of the posters on here by the way? Why even allow companies to be separate and run the way their management and ownership chooses if you're just going to say they should all be run the same. It sounds to me like you support communism. You want everything controlled by the government so that it's absolutely fair to everyone. I can see why that would be an attractive option. Unfortunately it's just plain unrealistic. But then on the other hand you support a lawsuit that is wholly unjust as it targets the leader in the industry that the heart of the suit makes its claim against. You can't have it both ways Tim. Either you have capitalism, and companies are allowed to function of their own accord(mostly) or you have communism and the government decides everything. @Will this is a little late but considering that the deaf audience is probably graciously less then 5% then it does make perfect sense to describe it that way. Or are you saying that deaf people have wholly different interests then the rest of us just because they are deaf.
@CordCutter- I'll try to make this as simple as possible. Kiddie porn is illegal whether the internet is involved or not. So keeping it off the internet is only continuing with the law. If you think that the majority of society could get by growing their own food and with vehicular transit, even mass transit you're on crack. I think we all know the TSA is a load of shit. Even in the TSA's situation though they are there to provide safety for people. Subtitling Netflix isn't going to save someones life. Would you not agree that all those administrations are overblown and overserved? Should a company really have to have a warning label telling us that their product is bad for us? NO, it should be our personal responsibility to understand what we're putting into our body. I'm pro choice so I don't really know what your second paragraph is about. The government shouldn't be involved in that, or marriage, or religion. Yet those 3 categories, while somewhat tied to eachother, have been 3 of the biggest topics around our national leaders over the last 15-20 years.
@Wbad Why does only one website deserve to be sued for it? Why is a lawsuit even necessary? Lobby to change the law. I'm 100% fine if you think its fair and just to change the law to require that every broadcast program, be it movie or otherwise, internet or otherwise be required to be captioned. If you wanna make that the law I will support your endeavor to do so. The people who are selfish and using the system incorrectly are the ones who are singling out Netflix and suing them. Quit trying to get an exception made and make a law. This is a money grab. Lawsuits are a money grab. Netflix is a luxury and things that are a luxury, in my opinion, should not have government legislating who can and can't use them. To me that is to much government involvement. I am a fan of less involvement from the government. If the deaf really wanted my to understand their plight they would stop suing people and start asking. Is Netflix not obliging? Are other companies doing a better job then Netflix? But we'll sue Netflix because they have the most money to give us from this suit. Explain to me where the justice is in that.
Xombie, this has been discussed already. It's been established that Netflix doesn't provide the subtitles, the content provider does. So it's not a matter of man hours or time put in. It's a matter of making sure the people providing them with the file hold up their end of the bargain, or even that they know they're supposed to, I'm sure Netflix has some content that isn't subbed because they purchased it prior to them even having the capability to display subtitles.
Again I have to agree with the people above, for the reasons I stated before. You shouldn't be able to sue a specific company for this. Other companies provide the same service and aren't being attacked the same way. It's only because Netflix is more popular. Btoy brings up a great point when compared to the blind. I don't see accommodation for them in my everyday life. How are they supposed to use netflix? Should they be suing Al Gore because they can't use the internet like everyone else? But this comes back to a point I made in an earlier post. Stop trying to have an exception made. Change the law or live with it. Suing someone is just a way to get money, that in this case you don't deserve. Don't companies still have the right to refuse service? Does a private business have to have a handicap entryway? Show Netflix how much more business they'd get if they provide that for you, stop taking their money over it. As to the person who had to bring up how unclear netflix is about how much of streaming content is subtitled. I don't think it makes sense to measure it any other way then they did. 80% of all time spent streaming is streaming content that has subtitles. That is THE MOST ACCURATE, AND APPLICABLE representation. Saying 80% of all content is subbed doesn't really help you at all if the content you're watching isn't, and giving a number of subbed versus unsubbed is just the same thing.
This just seems ridiculous. I'm off to go sue Youtube, Hulu, and every single other site that contains a single video that isn't subtitled. Next ignorant people who can't use the internet will be suing netflix for not providing them a personal assistant to set the service up for them and manage it every time something goes wrong. I've said this before, and I'll say it again, bringing more and more sanctions onto the internet and treating it like its always every bodies business is only going to mess up the internet the same way television is messed up. All these frivolous lawsuits are just taking netflix away from what it actually tries to do which is provide whatever content it can. What will we see cut thanks to these people?
I'm sure you within a reasonable distance of a cliff, bridge or gun shop. That should solve your problem.
Where were all of you in the new releases post last week? Oh wait...I hadn't created you yet. Just waiting for Brownhouse to chime in about how he'd kill all of you if he could, and BoB to threaten you for insulting his mother.
^^That post was made by me by the way. As far as the good ole days netflix used to release more dvds stuff. Think back to 5 or 10 years ago. More movies were being REMADE into DVD so there was more for NF to get because it was completing its catalog with movies that have just been released on dvd for the first time. Netflix isn't making movies, and if they can get DVD copies of it, and there is enough demand for it, they're going to get it. But those old movies that were released on DVD 5-10 years ago aren't available to them to reacquire now, so you see tons of movies in your saved queue because Netflix won't go on Amazon and pay $40 each for the last 3 copies in existence. So while it does seem like Netflix is getting less and less DVD releases. That atleast plays into the reason why there were so many more in past years. As far as Netflix not being able to give you HBO shows as soon as they come out. How much does HBO cost? Just go join HBO...Why is it reasonable to believe that Netflix can get you HBO shows for way less then HBO can give them to you...
If it's not right for you, you would unsubscribe anyway. Expecting it to be worth more then 7.99 is just unrealistic. They've already signed the deals to bring more premium content, we're just waiting for them to kick in. Are you really going to be happy with 2-3 newer movies a month? I doubt it. People don't comprehend the situation properly here and thats why they get upset. Cartesian do you pay for cable? If yes then your whole post is just plain retarded anyway...If no then how are you getting any content? The only real way you could get even NEAR the amount of stuff available to you through netflix is Pay-Per-View or illegal downloading, and go ahead and track how much you're paying to get all that. I wish netflix would pay people to defend their name, instead they let people go around and complain about how if they have everything on dvd they should also have everything on streaming cause its the same, and why can't everything be in complete HD when they have a dialup internet connection, how come there aren't subtitles on every single show, and dubbing for other languages. Netflix seems to prefer to take the path of ignoring those people, and thats probably because its cheaper then trying to hammer facts that are already available to those people their skulls are just too thick. The bottom line is that none of us have to subscribe to Netflix, and even if EVERYONE who visited this website unsubscribed Netflix wouldn't even notice. Because we are the vocal minority. So Mr. Wrath I'm glad that you've granted me so much power over your life as to allow me to influence your entertainment and monetary decisions. I think cable tv is great too, go cancel that now.
I think you two must be the same person. Imagine that...
I've given up on your math skills, they're clearly faulty. No amount of sales tax even if you use DIFFERENT amounts for each one, makes it double, its seriously not possible. EVEN IF you weren't taxed on 8.99, and taxed 9% on 15.98 thats still 17.98 and 17.42. SERIOUSLY PLEASE JUST STOP, it did not double no matter how you want to skew your brain. STOP JUST STOP. I see it described on here from time to time the "unreliability" of streaming. I don't really understand what people mean when they say this...My movies play in quality HD, with decent sound and no rebuffering. I have a standard 7mbps DSL connection. If your streaming is unreliable your internet is unreliable. With your explanation of the "features" that you've lost over the last year of so you only prove my earlier point. People don't know what they want, and they know even less about what it takes to get it to them. Is Netflix really just removing these things for no good reason? You would know something about this if you'd ever tried to court anyone. Sometimes those people make demands of you that you don't like. Announcing to everyone that they were the ones that made you do it, negates the positive relationship you're trying to build by doing it for them.
Basic service for 1 at a time in 2010 $8.99. Combined basic service now. $15.98. Maybe I'm carrying the decimal wrong...or maybe your credibility is shot. I'm not defending Netflix, that's why your assumptions that I must work for them or own shares in them are misplaced. I'm attacking your stupidity. Netflix isn't making RECORD PROFITS. I've already pointed out that their profits are LESS now then they were in the past. I don't think Netflix outsources ANY of its workforce, although I'm not 100% on that. From what I've heard of peoples contact with customer service from this site, they probably do most of it out of California. You can't outsource a dvd shipping facility...No one outsources programmers, you just bring them here. Please if you're going to continue to respond don't throw out points that I touched on before when you haven't responded to the ones I've left open for you. Lets keep this reasonable, if you make a claim I'll address it, but don't make myself repeat myself just because you didn't comprehend what I wrote the first time. @GeeEmm - That was only aimed at people who describe that for $8 a month they're subsidizing streaming, like for some reason their service isn't actually worth that. "If used properly" means that you're using it in anyway that makes it worth $8 which is any number of different ways. Something that is highly interesting to me is what this non-move will look like in 3 years. I think it's pretty clear that anyone with a brain should see some definite advantages to the splitting of these services. Media, belligerent rioting, and a poor name choice stopped it from happening. Someone will do a study on it, and when more information about how streaming works, what these contracts cost, and how the subscriber base changed comes out in the future, I see a VERY interesting documentary opportunity.
"Ended up paying double" Do your math again sir. @Brownhouse, part of your expose is actually correct. When I think about how a business that is trying to make money operates I do think about their decisions in terms of their goal being to make money. Hope that didn't blow your mind. My vote is always going to lie with the person who is playing by the rules of the system rather then the person complaining about how one person should be able to break the rule. If you want new rules change the system, I.E. get off this site and go take political action. Netflix provides a service. The service they provide does not effect you if you don't subscribe to it. So the people who are so upset about their decisions who don't subscribe to them are holding out their hands asking for something from someone who doesn't give a damn about them. The ones who are subscribed and holding out their hand 99% of the time have no idea what they even want or need, and even less of an idea of what it actually takes for it to be given to them. This example is apparent in government everyday. People complain about things like parks being built nearby their house, they're upset about things that make them pay more taxes, but then they're also upset that there aren't enough parks and that schools are declining. Netflix parallels this. People don't want there to be change to the service, and they don't want to pay more. BUT, they want the service to continue to improve. NOW, having said all that, we can look at a few numbers. Did Netflix profit more this quarter then the quarters before they made the price increase? NO. Did they have more worldwide customers? YES. So it seems like a price increase was probably necessary right? Or maybe they should have provided less content. Maybe they shouldn't have made aggressive moves to grow their content. Maybe they shouldn't have tried to make an aggressive move to expand their overall business, including adding a new feature. Whether or not you feel that split was to sell off part of the service is completely irrelevant because it hasn't happened yet, and the rumor mill on it has even died down because even the conspiracy theorists have gotten tired of it. I haven't even gone into the actual advantages of having those customer bases seperated, including the advantages to the customers who don't use both services who were paying to have them both. When I hear people here saying they're "subsidizing streaming" I can't help but shake my head. You were subsidizing streaming BEFORE the price change. You don't think your DVD service if used properly costs Netflix 4-7 dollars a month, when you only pay them 8. You're crazy then. So you can call me what you want, a sniper, a plant, a special interest group. I'm one person, I support any business' right to play within the rules of the economy and I shun those who look for special exceptions rather then arguing for overall change.
So again no comment on the actual issue here? Ok, just wanted to be clear. Bye bye now trollface.
You're the one with the entitlement mentality. Going on about how we can't actually watch what we want to watch with an 8 dollar a month service. Show me the service where I can ALWAYS watch what I want. I also didn't insult your mom, unless you consider her having the patience to house you in her dungeon has an insult. This is the politics of the old generation, avoid the actual issue and get mad at someone for not insulting your mom. Sad.
How dare those Netflix bums not want me to watch Avengers on streaming, why would they choose to get How I Met Your Mother and not The Big Bang Theory, those guys must be jerks. They're seriously only adding bad shows, they haven't gotten a single one I thought was good. Someone needs to tell them that the only persons taste that matters is mine. They could save so much money if they'd just only add stuff I actually wanted. Seriously all their other customers have already cancelled they're lucky I'm even still with them after they doubled their price. I never even rented a movie on DVD anyway and they went and charged me for doing it. This is of course all sarcasm, BoB you're an idiot. Is this really what you want to be doing? Or is this the only site your mom leaves unblocked for you? I'll wait patiently for your response as I'm sure you're trying desperately to roll your chair over to the mini fridge to grab another Mountain Dew Code Red.
Cordcutter. So you're saying that bitching at Hulu is going to solve the problem? Hulu makes all the choices here clearly. Oh wait, you just said that they're owned by other companies? Wow thats calling and bitching at them really doesn't make sense after all. Bitching at comcast, FOX, ABC, and the private equity firm might. I guarantee Hulu has its own management group that if they didn't need the rights to those shows would keep doing it the way that made them the most money. WAIT A MINUTE? That's what I've been saying all along isn't it? Wow thats pretty cool.
@Cordcutter you're missing my point. I'm not arguing anything you just said. What I'm saying is that it doesn't make sense to go to Hulu and start bitching at them. What is that going to help? Hulu isn't Comcast, and if they have to do something like that it's not to make people unhappy, its because they're being made too. It's the same with Netflix, they aren't holding out the 2nd season of The Walking Dead because they don't want people to have it. They can't get it yet...
I love all the people who are whining about hulu doing this. You're the same people who probably complain to your friends and call netflix because they don't have every episode of every show. Hulu is going to do what it has to do to stick around, they aren't just making changes because they want to. They clearly have a model that is working and has them bigger then ever before. But just like Netflix, they don't hold their fate in their own hands fully. Tell me if this sounds reasonable to you: "Hey Netflix, I like your service, but if warner bros doesn't give you vampire diaries season 3 on streaming the moment they finish filming the last episode then I will cancel my service." All you're doing is bitching at some poor kid over something he, and the company he is representing have no control over.
HAHAHAHA that is a joke, they have like 30 movies total, and none starting with the letters, D, E, L, O, Q, V, Y or Z. And have fun Enjoying Forest Gum, I'm sure that's an excellent movie. It costs 40 dollars for a year or 30 dollars for 1 month, because even if they DO have those movies and they aren't shitty quality camera recordings you can just download them all in one month and never start have to worry about it again. Not to mention they don't have any newer movies then netflix, they just have some different ones.