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This raises an important but subtle point: I also have no doubt that my kids are going to live way better than I do when they are my age, but not nearly as well as they would in the absence of government intervention. It also illustrates just how far we've come in the last few centuries: I'm glad to live at a time when the bleakest thing I can say about the future is that the iPhone 20 will be mind-blowingly awesome, but not quite as mind-blowingly awesome as it would have been without the heavy hand of the state. Here's something to consider: my two-year-old can make her way around an iPhone and an iPad quite capably. My kids have, at her fingertips and whenever they want to watch them, all the old Sesame Street clips that I loved when I was a kid. From the vault, here's an article I wrote about the day the iPad was unveiled and contrasting it with the State of the Union Address. Key point: "(a)djusted for inflation, the low-end iPad is about 1/10 of the price of the first Macintosh."
"Awesome" doesn't even begin to describe it.
"Why Nations Fail" is on my Kindle, waiting to be read alongside "Poor Economics." Easterly's review will move both closer to the front of the list, and I see in this discussion a methodology chapter for a future Boettke/Coyne student's dissertation: how are different methods in development economics complements or substitutes? What does "Combining Imperfect Proxies for Institutions: Results From Four Dozen Growth Regressions No One Has Estimated Before Now" tell us that a historical case study can't, and vice versa? Back to work. Papers to grade, plus I owe Chris a revision on our comparative historical paper on the 1866 Memphis Riot.
Awesome; I'm trying to do this myself. Let's see how it goes.
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2012 on No, I'm not going back to sleep at Jason Womack
What's your whole suite of auto-text files?
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Sep 9, 2011