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Inanna Arthen
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My small press was among the first to add our titles to the Kindle Store, back in 2008. It's been a good experience. I'd LOVE to "jump on the iPad Bandwagon." I just don't know how. There is no evidence that Apple is going to be very friendly to independent publishers. Neither Sony nor Barnes & Noble will give us the time of day. Apple has allegedly been aggressively canvassing "the Big Six" to make their books available, but it looks like the rest of us small presses are S.O.O.L. Apple is one of the most territorial and proprietary companies on earth--where other big computer/Internet companies are absorbing as much as they can, Apple's approach is like Disney's--create an entire homogenous, self-contained universe and keep all foreign influences out. You can't use anything on an iPad that isn't approved and provided by Apple. How well this will succeed remains to be seen. But hey, if Steve Jobs contacted me tonight, By Light Unseen Media would be signed up for the iBook store tomorrow. I'm just not holding my breath.
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Feb 2, 2010