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Rest? What is this word, rest? I hear you, Charlotte. And this comes at a good time for me. I turned in a revised manuscript to the publisher a week ago and thought "Okay, now I can actually start doing some generative writing." Instead I have been spending all of my non-dayjob time doing, well, nothing productive, that's for sure. (Although I've watched some amazing Wimbledon matches.) You've reminded me that we don't have to spend every waking minute being productive, and that it's okay if we take a creative break now and then from generative writing.
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Hi Janet, you've got some good tips there! There seems to be nice timing here. I've been reflecting a lot on finding time for my own writing, it's related to the post I just did about managing social media (part of that management meant I didn't get to this post immediately). Your opening line made me think of a blog post I read earlier today by @wordstrumpet about writers loving to write. I commented there that some writers love being writers but don't like the actual process of writing. I think there's something to that.
What a great post, Charlotte! I didn't have the warmest reaction to your word "glumping," but my first drafts often are glum and lumpy, so I'll run with your coinage!
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These are excellent points. In 2009 I wrote a non-fiction book proposal that was snatched up by an agent, because of your #4, he liked my platform. But we failed to get a sale, largely because of your #2 -- the editors he sent it to felt the audience was too niche. I'm working on a new proposal now. In doing so, I'd add a 6th point to this. Ask yourself, "Is this really a book?" Too often an idea makes for a great essay or academic paper, but there's not enough "there" there to sustain a reader for several hundred pages. I've had to toss aside several ideas for this reason. is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 12, 2011