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I love your site Mike, especially these small pieces where you manage to take an exceptionally easy thing that millions of people do everyday without thinking, and somehow turn it into a problem that only Oppenheimer and a government project in the desert could solve. I have an answer to all your needs, and it's easy, but if I elucidate it here, my greatest fear is that the struggle you encapsulate within your mortal coil will find peace, and I will get less of these articles. Your intelligence is the real problem. :)
This is what it’s all about
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2020 on An Evening Walk at The Online Photographer
There is still no interchangeable digital FF rangefinder camera other than leica. This is 20 years into the digital “revolution”. Seems mighty odd nobody has even tried it. Xpro is garbage because its aps-c, we all know it’s impossible to get a good shot with a crop sensor camera.
Thanks for sharing. Dancing is super important, and photography doesn’t always do it justice.
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Mar 5, 2020