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My name is Joe Crawford and I like to make web things.
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The Biesenbach quote was retracted.
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Where was this?
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It's interesting to me to hear Bettie Page as championed by gay men and young women -- the way I was led to Bettie was tied into magazine collectors and dealers who I have encountered at Comic Conventions (specifically San Diego Comic Con) for over 20 years (Indeed, since I was about 14 years old). I recall seeing issues of "The Bettie Pages" which championed her so strongly. I believe the driving force there was middle-aged men. I think Bettie's torch has been carried by a panoply of subcultures then. Something very transcendent about her power as an image that she has been picked up by so many. Even one image of her is potent. I can't think of another woman, or even person, whose image has has such a strong impact on me, knowing nothing more about the person's background.
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