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artsy Amy
Central Alabama, U.S.A.
Creative to a fault.
Interests: Anything handmade! Crafts, computer graphics, cross-stitch, cruises, embroidery, fabric, movies, sewing and volunteering. Love little houses, picket fences, swimming pools, and anything near the ocean!
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Jun 20, 2014
Courtesy of the man, thirty minutes of my school day I have no idea what to do with. It doesn't take half an hour to sip a Coke and scarf down whatever gluten free nutrition bar I managed to shove... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2011 at artsy Amy
At three something this morning I stood pleading with our bully cat Daisy to stop beating up sweet Archie cat, while hand washing the popcorn bowl used way earlier in the evening. Having just watched Being Erica, I pondered the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 3, 2011 at artsy Amy
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Jun 22, 2011
You inspire me Beki; pattern alterations are entirely too Project Runway for me! I ordered this pattern ( to baby step me into garment sewing. My plan is to lengthen the hem and sash the mess out of it to avoid a tater sack silhouette. I eventually want to sew EVERYTHING in this book ( Wear both of your dresses out! Most off the rack items don't fit us curvy girls perfectly anyhow. ;0) Love & hugs! ~ Amy
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Jul 1, 2010
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Jun 4, 2010
Kitchen Paint Color Board, originally uploaded by artsy Amy. Reckon Ken ever tried patching two holes behind Barbie's gas range where long gone venting once was and ended up completely demolishing her kitchen? Now by completely demolishing I mean no... Continue reading
Posted Jun 1, 2010 at artsy Amy
Scallop Treat Box, originally uploaded by artsy Amy. Midnight crafting rocks now that my digital cutter has finally been unpacked! Hunting through boxes with Jeffy's massive EMS flashlight perched between my chin & chest I could do without. Note to... Continue reading
Posted May 26, 2010 at artsy Amy
via This is pre-xactly why I returned the sheet set I bought a few weeks back. Why buy new bedding if I can make my own fabulous pillows and use the same ole' organic or bamboo sheets I already... Continue reading
Reblogged May 18, 2010 at artsy Amy
Farm Fresh Dining, originally uploaded by artsy Amy. My previous post, depicting a slightly open door, was all the universe needed. I hope distance/perspective allows me to fully understand why life is tumultuous every now and again. These days I'm... Continue reading
Posted May 17, 2010 at artsy Amy
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Mar 15, 2010
Did you know Lowe's dates their paint labels? Proof I've procrastinated this project since July 10th. I'm ashamed to show the "before" photo. At one time it was white and had those builder brassish fittings. Poor door. Yesterday, I scrubbed... Continue reading
Posted Nov 15, 2009 at artsy Amy
I awoke this morning before 8 am; atypical of my weekend sleeping habits. All the more surprising since bedtime was around 2 am. So, after bribing two cats to cease the meows with Iams, I got out for errands. Mid... Continue reading
Posted Nov 14, 2009 at artsy Amy
Pictured above is my first test grade after umpteen+ years since graduating high school. My first term paper was turned in last week. After class tonight, I asked my professor how the grading was coming. It felt like that episode... Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2009 at artsy Amy
A gift I made on the quick for a dear friend's 40th blowout. Had a party not been involved, she would've been added to the ever growing list I owe birthday gifts. There are a ridiculous amount of unfinished projects... Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2009 at artsy Amy
Far from free but oh how I've waited for this freaking fabulous phone! Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2009 at artsy Amy
Remember that commercial from the 80’s with the egg in the frying pan? You know the “this is your brain on drugs” one? Well, Wyeth should have paid for it. My Rheumatologist said this summer I needed to swap off... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2009 at artsy Amy
I'm trying hard to make some real changes in my life. More frequent posts is one of the easier items on the list. School has started back. Busy. Busy. Our football season gets underway this week. You can find me... Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2009 at artsy Amy
Stephanie, Your post is a major co-wink-e-dink* for me. The bar analogy is exactly what I've felt but lacked the verbiage to explain to dear Hubby. May the road rise up to meet you. *-Hope you've seen NCIS and don't think I can't spell.
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Pretty please send me an iPhone 3GS. I would be most grateful and promise to say "There's an app for that" to someone everyday. My stupid Nextel phone hates me. It knows I'm plotting against it. Perhaps it was watching... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2009 at artsy Amy
Dearest Beki, Our sisterhood of support is here for you! I went through my Martha phase when my dear Son was a toddler. Once he started K and I went back to work, I thought I too could master my universe. A few years later I wound up in the hospital on the floor that doesn't have locks on the bathroom doors. My parents were mortified. I've been climbing out of that pit ever since. Meds, therapy, and counseling keep me semi-sane. I also struggle with a chronic disease (Lupus) and spend many a day in bed feeling guilty about everything I haven't accomplished. If it weren't for thinking about, books about, blogs about, and actually doing crafts/sewing projects, I would be vegetating somewhere in a ward. My psychiatrist (who's published 2 books) says EVERY time that I should do the crafting so I can do the rest. That dang guilt eats me up though. Please know you have my support and I too will lift the veil to show my reality instead of the carefully cropped photos on my blog. Hugs & happy crafting. ♥ Amy
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Jul 15, 2009
Hey Amy, Ginevra came through with the upgrade trial! I was snooping around the preview and noticed "Add Custom CSS" on the Design tab. After I quit hollering with joy, I had to do a search to find out how to make it work since I am CSS illiterate. I found an article here that was just copy and paste. I uploaded my image and used the first box of code. I started tinkering with the CSS code after doing a bit of Googling. I was able to change my main column width to 750 (instead of the 500 I had before) which made my photos really stand out. {By the way, awhile back I tried the fluid column width option but my dear Sister called from Atlanta complaining that her old school monitor was cutting off some of my blog.} I was so happy with the photos standing out that I switched from the 3 column center layout to the 2 column right. Am I boring you to tears with tech talk yet? Basically Ginevra has hooked me with the bells and whistles! I'll upgrade until they can include custom CSS as part of our it should be. P.S. I ♥ your designs! Your work is amazing! I added you to my google reader and will visit often. Hugs & happy crafting!
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Jul 13, 2009