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Linda Sigmon,Thank you! I did not intend to spend countless hours this Sunday reading all I have.I am 47 yrs. old and have deep passions for a few things, one of those being my privacy, another Christmas/Gospel music of Elvis.After going to my UTube site to hear Elvis Christmas I ventured onto all of this. My hat is off to you Elvis/Jesse if this is true. No one should ever have to be subjected to a life in prison, I saw yours just as that! I applaud any person out there who has befriended you along the way, so many blessings to you all. I have wanted to meet you most of my life, no one else ever compared to the heart or looks. I would love the opportunity to send a letter in private to let you know how much and how many ways you have blessed my life and my children by not only your music, but the other qualities you possess. I had my doubts about all of this until Lisa turned out her first album, I was first in line. The lyrics did not match up and I shared this with my daughter. Soooo, I pray this gets where God wants it. I also pray that Mr. Presley, where ever you may be, thank you! Your determination to survive, succeed, accept,help, give,bless, love unconditionally, and pray has been what has helped get me through in my life. You have been with me all along in so many ways and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, kind sir. Thank you for the inspiration and for making my Christmas especially a not so perfect world. Peace~Janet
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Nov 22, 2009