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I always thought Argentina was overrated... but never thought they were this bad... they really suck
Have to agree with Frank on the quality of the Mexican team. The players I mentioned are all under 23 add those that went to the World Cup but didn't play (Ochoa, magallon, vela, etc) are also under 23. The team has time to mature and will be unbeatable. Although, I have to admit its a shame that they were so mismanaged by Aguirre who bet on the veterans instead of youth.
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2010 on Aguirre resigns from Mexico post at Soccer By Ives
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2010 on Aguirre resigns from Mexico post at Soccer By Ives
Bielsa is brilliant. I think he is best suited to coach the USMNT. The US players have the right level of discipline to apply a Bielsa strategy flawlessly in every single game. He would do a great job with USMNT. Problem is the leadership needs to have the balls to get rid of Bradley and bigger balls to go after the right coach. Ain't going to happen. USMNT will continue to be mediocre but its not thier fault. The leadership is not there.
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2010 on Aguirre resigns from Mexico post at Soccer By Ives
Mexico didn't qualify because Aguirre choked. He never had the same 11 players on the field. Anyone that know anything about futbol or soccer knows that with so many inconsistencies in your starting line up including changing your captain every game, putting star players on the bench (guardado), playing center forwards that are not scoring (franco) etc puts more pressure on whoever ends up playing and creates an environment where you don't trust your coach. Too much strategy and not enough common sense is what brought Mexico to a poor performance in the World Cup. He choked despite having players like hernandez, dos santos, guardado, barrera, jaurez, etc. The expectations were high because the quality of the players that finally came together had a lot of potential. If this team is managed correctly next time around CONCACAF teams are fighting for only 2 spots as Mexico will qualify without breaking a sweat. The depth is there. Will it be managed correctly? I think so because Aguirre is gone.
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2010 on Aguirre resigns from Mexico post at Soccer By Ives
I'm probably among the few that think Mexico will pull an upset. People seem to forget that Uruguay had nothing to gain with a win or a tie. I don't care if your Brazil, Spain or Germany its incredibly hard to score against a team that simply just doesn't want to lose.So you set up your team to counterattack. The small countries in Concacaf play this way which is why we see so many ties in this region. Uruguay did this today. This type of play sucks and I hope they pay for it next round. Argentina hasn't had remarkable group play. People forget that the team that beat Nigeria is the same team that lost to Bolivia 6-0. Mexico's style with some adjustments (get franco out, blanco is not a starter etc.) can definitely pull an upset.
1-0 already. its going to be rough day!!!!!
WOW! Its going to be a rough day!
I think we saw South Africa, Uruguay and France at the level that they can play. We've seen Mexico play better. South Africa will probably lose to both France and Uruguay. If Mexico play at its potential they should win the group.
Let be realistic. We won't beat England and then we fight for our lives in the next 2 games. But so will Algeria and Slovenia. Getting more than 3 points from this group looks impossible.
I'm going to enjoy it and fankly be grateful it wasn't the Mexican team that I saw playing Italy
not exactly Italy but a good win!
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Jun 5, 2010