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Dori Monson is simply an untalented Rush wanna-be, and all those two buffoons Ron and Don need is a few fart jokes to round out their low-brow repertoire. There is really no reason to listen to KIRO after noon (and they should have kept John Curley in the morning.
Ah, the sound of dead air is so much better than the crap Lee Rodgers spewed. Let us hope that Dori Monson goes that same way quickly.
KIRO's problem is that pathetic wannabe "Fat Man" Dori Monson, who is just primping and preening for a national radio show, but HEY DORI, the boat has left. Conservative Talk is WHORE of talk radio, and Dori doesn't suck quite enough. It's time to cut Dori loose.
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2013 on KIRO radio PD quits at BlatherWatch
And now all of the gun toting Tea Baggers will crawl out from under their rocks and out of their bunkers and claim that guns don't kill people - "Oh, lunatics will find a way without guns" - like nutters murder 30 people all the time with a hammer... And now the school murder in Connecticut... Only in America!
15 years? Didn't he get CANNED and then brought back?
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2012 on Marty Riemer says goodbye at BlatherWatch
This is all pointless nonsense. The Gays are all very flamboyant ego hogs that like publicity, [b]anything to be the center of attention[/b]. It's just very sad.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2012 on Fast Food Furious at BlatherWatch
KGO's fall is very sad indeed, I've been a late night listener since my teens (40 or so years ago). It all started with the pedophile priest Bernie Ward...
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2012 on Karel to be fired again from KGO? at BlatherWatch
Oh, and if the Oregonian passes into history (print to web never works out well, eventually it simply dies as the PI almost certainly will), it simply means a young nimble LOCAL paper will take its place. When the Oregonian goes Tits Up, I give it a year - max - before another print paper debuts. Also I predict that the Portland Tribune will start printing (it's currently web) and tak the Oregonian's place.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2012 on RIP The Oregonian newspaper? at BlatherWatch
1. Screw Romney and his latest sycophant. 2. The problem with newspapers today is that they are owned by people that think they should, like other corporate blood suckers, have a contently rising profit. The are simply that: a profit source, and it it isn't constantly growing at an aggressive rate, they'll kill it. But that's just not a sustainable model for newspapers, and news media in general. I some corporate holding company thinks that local newspapers can be a source of huge an contently growing profits, they haven't done their homework and thought it through. The idea that nobody buys newspapers anymore is simply bunk. It's just that many people NEVER bought newspapers, and at a certain point, readership simply isn't going to grow much and will level out. Newspapers *ARE* sustainable, they just will never be as profitable as ripping people off with cheap Chinese made junk.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2012 on RIP The Oregonian newspaper? at BlatherWatch
How is it the Yahoo addy was "disabled"?
I really can't wait for Dori to graduate to Fox News and be out of our hair...
Monson always looks like he's holding back a mouth full of vomit.
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2011 on Dori needs a tagline: let's help! at BlatherWatch
The man has lost any perspective he might have once had, and fallen off the deep end of nuttiness. Seriously, he needs to seek therapy, he's not living in reality and his behavior is borderline mental. I believe it is possible that he will graduate to stalking and eventually the SPD will become involved.
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2011 on Cliff mass: it's come to this... at BlatherWatch
I've been a talk radio listener for 40 years. I haven't got a clue who Delilah / Rene is. "Superstar"? I think not...
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2011 on Delilah stalked in her hometown at BlatherWatch
JDB: There, They're, Their. You figure it out.
Let's hope that Dori Monson follows this trend as well. What a vile, bile filled person.
Good Conservative Talk Radio, Chuck? What you have is a bunch of mouth breathers spewing bile for ratings. And speaking of one of your bile spewers, WHO just lost their FoxNews contract?
StillHansome, can you explain the Satan comment for me? I'm apparently not in that crowd... But, as to the general comments about Hedge Funds being money whores, yes. These people have NO interest in radio, and would seek to liquidate Fisher if the value of their physical assets exceeded the value of their stock...
Dori and Jessica, eh? Is there a tasty rumor to go with that? So Dori is a manly name, eh? Only if you've had a sex change...
Dave Ross should seriously be thinking of an exit plan. He's the only talker at KIRO worth listening to anymore, which means Bonneville almost certainly has his pink slip already lined up at the ready. I stopped listening to KIRO last year. The two morons know as Ron and Don could be ignored, but I just couldn't take Dori and his bile-filled ranting anymore. There was a time when Dori was fun, but the rabid hate got old quick, and the move to FM was the last straw for me. I'm *NOT* a hard-core "lib-er-roll", but I just couldn't take the hate. For talk, I mostly listen to KOMO with some of UW's talk to round things out.
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