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Che bello! I love vintage, when I go back home in June, I'll make sure to stop by then. I love to walk nel quartiere monti. There are also some aperitivo spots there which are not to be miss, especially after spending on shopping! :)
I don't really know this neighborhood even if I am from Rome, I guess this summer when I go I will have to visit and discover it!
Very nice places. I will add Gianicolo, I found it always breathtaking to see the Eternal city from high. And one more thing are the small streets of rome where you can eat at a small restaurant. Brava!
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It look like you are going to have a busy 2013. Rome, my hometown, amazing and full of beauty. I see you have a list well organized but how about few other aperitivo places, such as il Gianicolo, Monmarte, il fico and don't miss to go Da Enzo (restaurant) and hit some little trattoria downtown. And the jewish neighborhood have you been? The ballet use to be a magical place all my childhood, saw many ballet and was lovely! You should also go to il Parco della Musica, there are many shows of any kind and the structures are to die for. Night life there are many places to see and, just get a friend from town and you can ride along. On my blog there are few posts that can help you about Rome. I also see your 2013 looks pretty busy, mine too, am planning if will be able to with my boyfriend to check out some of Asia/India, then go back to Italy and spend a weekend in Paris!
This is pretty cool. I wrote an article too about ITALO: Last time I was in Italy I wanted to go there so back but in the end I couldn't because the train doesn't have a line to Turin yet, which was were I had to go, so I ended up getting the freccia rossa too which is confortable but also more expensive. Next time I hope to get the opportunity of taking it.
Just got back from Rome for a quick visit. The weather was amazing and even if there are some things of Italy that dives me crazy I love this city. A quick tip is to don't drive unless you are use to since everyone is becoming crazier. Also I noticed how you mentioned about cupcakes and there is a new small little places hidden in the quartiere trieste called "Bakery house". A small corner of the US in Rome. PS: I love the picture you did with your phone and also nice shot of the cupola and Piazza Venezia.
Yes, I love autumn too, it's very particular and beautiful in Rome, where the weather is a little warm but you can get the chills, the leafs fall and the redish-orang colors comes out... it's looks like a painting of harmonic colors. Beautiful tips and I must try Da Danilo I believe Check out my blog:
This is cool...I wonder why this place looks so familiar.... next to my house around Corso Trieste there was a vetraio that did the same job and her studio was very similar. I remember to love the work she did.
Wow, those are good tips now that I am going back home for few weeks. Might stop by Le Nou! I also have a leather small artisanal store next to my house on corso trieste. I love small artisanal stores, just like you do.
Wow! I am in Italian and always talk about Italian food, but didn't know all these facts! Now I feel I know more of my own country! Great article
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Aug 7, 2012