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Why not just form a new group instead of joining the enemy? If they lost the ability to control anti-Semites and neo-Nazis, then form a new group with a mission statement that strictly denounces such views. Now they are working for the Quilliam Foundation which was founded by three "former" members of Hizb ut-Tahrir? Does that not seem like a bad idea? This is tantamount to saying the Quilliam Foundation is more competent at keeping neo-Nazis out than the EDL. In all honesty I am surprised at yours and Robert Spencer's endorsement of this alliance. I think many followers of Jihad Watch and Atlas Shrugs would welcome an article explain how this is any better than a scenario in which Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer leave their organizations and instead decide to go work with CAIR in order to help relations between Islam and the west. I am not angry, just confused; and would appreciate an article explaining how this is something good.
I'm very happy to see the Muslim Brotherhood get the boot. Now I just hope they don't replace Morsi with someone even worse like a salafist party member. Hopefully they'll be able to elect a truly fair and even handed president with no Islamic agenda.
Excellent excellent work Pamela and Robert! So awesome you were holding up a sign in defiance and so many people were speaking up against this blatant attack on our freedom of speech. It is very encouraging to see so many people opposed to this trend under Obama's time in office. Would still love to see even more people! Time to impeach Obama and company. Thanks again Pamela!
Awesome Pamela!! Thanks and congratulations for another victory in the good fight!
Well obviously if the islamic "men" saw the cucumbers and bananas as penises, that says quite a bit about their psyche, correct? So, the logical conclusion is that the islamic "men" should not eat them as that would be a flagrant act of latent homosexuality. Of course, Islam is not known for it's use of logic. Also, the islamic men can't have a hot dog or any form of sausage. Smoking cigars, another obvious no-no. This could go on and on.....
"Finally" indeed. it is ridiculous it took so long for politicians to call this what it is. I am hopeful that more and more people are getting sick of the PC/left agenda and are willing to call it as they see it. Political correctness is (hopefully) on its way out the door. National security should never come second to "possibly offending someone". Kudos and thanks to Susan Collins.
Just a couple questions: First, is it a good idea to send letters of thanks, ahead of time, to the Hyatt for sponsoring this event and upholding our constitutional right to freedom of speech? Second, have you ever considered airing events such as these via the internet? That way if someone is unable to attend they may still do so through the internet. It believe doing so would also raise revenue and help further the cause of getting this information out to as many people as possible. I plan to attend in Dearborn, but if I'm unable I'd be more than willing to pay whatever price, both to see the event AND to contribute to the preservation of our freedoms. Finally, Pamela, you are truly a hero of this great nation and set a standard of character we all should strive to achieve. I admire your courage and your strategic aptitude in choosing Dearborn for this event. Thank you for all you do!
So happy to hear that Obama's approval ratings are dropping fast. Why he hasn't impeached I have no idea. And I agree, both he and Holder should be tried for treason. Literally tons of evidence against CAIR, ISNA, et. al. after the HLF trial and suddenly they stop persuing the case. Wow. Really. Wow.
Small glimmers of hope starting to show in the world. Islamofacism can only push so far before people are bound to push back. One more little victory for truth. Australia is get sick of the lies of Islam. So are Europe and the USA. Islam has become too brazen for its own good. It is showing its true face worldwide, and the west is finally beggining to wake up and get sick of the genocides, lies, stealth jihads, and multiculturalism.
"Kaffirophobia" Seriously, this needs to be introduced into the lexicon and used to describe anyone who tolerates only Islam. Then we can lobby for laws agains their hate speech, primarily in the form of the Qu'ran. I am somewhat uplifted by the fact that I see more and more people in western civilization getting tired of Islams obvious fascist agenda to dominate the entire planet. Still far too few of us, but the numbers are increasing thanks to so many brave people like Geller and Spencer telling the truth.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2011 on MuslimBrotherhoodophobia at Atlas Shrugs
Dear Pam, The Video link you have posted above actually requires that any comments posted to it be approved before they are added to the comments thread below the video. Perhaps they are afraid of someone posting an intelligent argument in agreement with your POV? The majority of the 30+ posts are personal attacks on you (big shock) with only few posts allowed through that are in agreement with your position. In my opinion, this is typical liberal left manipulation of all media. They even have to "approve" comments and opinions expressed by the viewers in their attempt to slant popular opinion in their favor. In any case, the post I attempted to make (but won't be surprised if it doesn't get approved) was (the mention of honor killings is in reference to a side argument in the comments in which the useful idiots confidently claim that honor killings are "un-Islamic"): 'So many "useful idiots" commenting on here it is pathetic. I'm willing to bet you were all behind the "arab spring" revolutions as well; so sure they were all going to usher in new democracies in the middle east. Where are those democracies? Instead Islamic states instituting Sharia law are slowly coming into existence. Oh and BTW, killing in the name of Allah (including honor killings) absolutely is Islamic. Study the Qu'ran and the Hadith. It's all there.'
These disgusting 7th-century barbarians have some damn nerve saying WE declared war on THEM! They declared it on us LONG ago and too many of our leaders refuse to accept that fact, even after 9/11! What will it take for our leaders to finally say, "Okay, they have declared war on us. We are now at war with Islam."? Can we PLEASE get on with the LONG overdue 10th Crusade and make this one the final one? Wipe these Jihadist sicko's off the face of the planet once and for all. Whenever I see footage of these animals carrying AK-47's, C-4, etc. I can't help but think how they would still be stuck at swords and spears if they hadn't "appropriated" the weapon tech from us. All they can do is perform cowardly attacks and send out death threats to anyone who speaks out against them with the truth and factual evidence. They say they are a religion of peace and then send out threats like this? We really need to take the fight to them. Pam, Robert, Geert, Rep. King, and others are among the few with enough courage to speak the truth on this matter and I thank all of them for opening my eyes to the truth of this homicidal ideology. We need leadership that will address this problem in the same manner and allow us to FINALLY pull this weed out, roots and all, from our Earth.
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Apr 15, 2011