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Larz: driving any vehicle not specially modified for high water is stupid, even if you don't kill immediately car you can damage it anyway especially if it's salty water. There are videos of Teslas in water, you can google it...
goor: because they don't like you
just googled that ferry have 4 x 7330 kW generators and sails for 9 hours/day, maybe idle generation that makes 20% achievable...
no, The Chinese pebble bed reactors are ideally suited for overnight BEVs charging...
it's so stupid for Korea to subsidy fuel cells... they do have good nuclear industry, great battery industry, electric cars charging off-peak nuclaer power is perfect combination.
batteries are limited by cathodes, yes improvements in anodes will help, but will be minimal
Driver Assist Package includes: The Driver Assist Package includes: • 110V Power Outlet • Auto High Beams • BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with cross-traffic alert • Heated Steering Wheel • Lane Keeping System • Rain Sensing Wipers 5K$
they compare Tesla's battery level cpacity to probably theoretical their cell. As for cycle life 88 at 200 - ok, but it is more important how it bahves after that, does degradation slowdown, remains same or even simply fails to function randomly after those 200.
I tried to find more info, but 1 paper cites using ruthenium which 100% not compatible with word cheap
you missed 0, at 10C they would be 0,9kW/kg
In a more detailed report from ANL,estimates are presented varyingv between 113 g and 246 g of Lithium (600g and 1.3 kg LCE) per kWh for various cathode type of batteries all with a gaphite anode
one their graph shows 60mA/g ant ~2V, dunno why they say it's 40Wh/kg not 120...
hmm interesting is it complete vaporware or simply too expensive tech...
20-50kWh electric car with 20kW ethanol fuel cell range extender in my opinion is car of the future especially in colder climate
1 kWh of solid-state Lithium battery capable of 40 kW, $500 two ways to make it 1) optimistic - we will build it. 2) realistic - aliens will bring this technology to us
seems reading comprehension skills are related to fool cells
huh how wasting 15% in IR is ideal for PHEV? charging probably needs another 15.
Roger, I hope you do realize that EV and FCV basically same only EV got big battery + AC charger while FCV have small battery, FC stack and H2 tank(s) I cant see future FCV being more than 2k cheaper than 200 mile range future EV
my view it does work (isotope ratio change), but they can't make economically attractive generator, basically they are in heat pumps area of electricity:heat
Harvey: and real LED products are in 100-150lumen/W range, and thats the best of industry and DC only, not counting any conversion loses