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Interesting post. The fear/uncertainty is something we are observing as well as a provider of data to VC firms. The rise of corporations is notable. Especially in the largest tech deals, corporates are now participating in nearly 4 of 10 large deals - up from 2 in 10 just a few years ago. VCs need corporates given their own funding woes. Of course, as you mention, it will be interesting to see if the corporate investors are here to stay or are fair-weather fans of venture.[1] The # quoted about 100 active venture funds is a bit low. We've see over 450 active firms. Many are seed funds which have relatively modest AUM but micro-VC or mega-VC, they are still VCs.[2] Great to see an LP perspective and peering behind the curtain a bit. Thanks for the brief. [1] The rise of corporates - [2] Active and hyperactive VCs -
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Sep 23, 2013