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I always have one big question when it comes to crowd-sourcing. How good is crowd-sourcing when it comes to long run, sustainable projects with sustainable results? On the movie or campaign level it is great. But how about something bigger (e.g. global warming, poverty that are frequently mentioned with it)? Or even some long lasting campaign? Now, most of the people will say look at opensource software! Linux! 20 years, competitive products, great OS. Yeah. But did you now that 75% of Linux kernel for instance, is written by the programmers who are getting paid for it? Just like programmers at Microsoft or Apple. I do not mean that crowdsourcing is not great. I just think that it is not as great as many think...
Thanks for the great interview. I ordered the book just before watching this video... Now it will be more difficult to wait for the copy :). I generally like Seth's ideas about the "gift", art and making change, though I sort of agree and disagree with them at the same time... Well, let's see how Linchpin will bring change to my thinking. Thanks, Aleksandre
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Feb 4, 2010