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Excellent info and also comments too from Dave Rodgers. Good luck to all. Dave AscensionForYou Knight
Excellent tips / info....many thanks for the share! Dave AscensionForYou Knight
Interesting comments from Fiona and Graham .....Dana...i am more and more coming to realise that nothing happens without a continuous monumental effort in your promotional efforts. When 'life' is so busy with a day 'job',home to run and look after too ....the 'digital 'route I feel is becoming more and more the way to go. Sometimes I have felt so down / frustrated / helpless (akin to feeling like i am in a sweet shop but not knowing what sweets to have) though knowing there are resources and advice to draw upon from such as yourself and Lynn provides hope for us all in the future. My next book that i have just finished called Lessons from God - The Indweller of our Hearts i will surely be going the e-book route. Thanks again Dave AscensionForYou
Many thanks for the tips and continued help and support Dana, Dave AscensionForyou
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May 23, 2010