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How is Gianna going to learn how to be financially independent when you won't give her much needed credit score to start a path to independence? Sounds like you're engineering a helpless individual by stating "she has autism" on the second 'graph. I don't think that needs more explanation.
I find the people here amusing but also disturbed at the same time. Instead of complaining about Autism Speaks, or getting frustrated over "neurodiversity" why are you just learning to accept the facts that the Autism Spectrum Disorder is NOT A MEDICAL condition NOR is it a disease. This anti-vax stuff scares the hell out of me. It's done more good, and PERHAPS some bad, however there isn't enough facts to claim "vaccine injury" (whatever that means) causes a generic developmental disability, notice how you call it "autism" with a lower-case-a? I had been a hopeless autistic for a few years, actually even longer without putting a verb together; falling for the "facts" on sites such as these and tried to get a genetics doctor and other experts and I got nowhere. My primary care physician believed I wasn't going to go much places by getting what would be considered a "hardware test". What I got instead was a psychotherapist and has strongly believed that autism is mostly a "difference" in how the brain works. (He's the best one in my state for dare I say "developmentally disabled" people. Autism can be strongly argued to be a "software issue" i.e. difference in the brain's code. And also what really is "normal" anyways? Many of you (both the writers here and the commenters) are almost as bad as an autistic "obsessing" and "stuck" on narratives against higher functioning people who speak for autism, the MSM, "Big Pharma" and from reading the date and time stamps it seems like you spend more time obsessing how your child is not "normal" that that's less time trying to make your lives less painful. Autism does not effect ones walking. And why are 20 to 30 year old severely autistics still in diapers? I have been in multiple SPED and Medicaid Waiver day programs, and even the most severe aren't in diapers. Many of the ASAN circles are leftie/SJW types, and they are also hurting the message. But why should people like me with PDDNOS have no right to speak? Why is OK for say the Down's to have their voice, or even the deaf and blind? This is a civil rights issue and a political monopoly. Where's the DOJ to break up this monopoly? This community's continued reckless comments, based on emotion and anger is possibly making the reason why Millenials don't want children; people who may want to work in special education refuse to work (because there is already a short retention for work in that field). And what about adults? There is high demand for direct support professionals and there is such a shortage for QUALITY (meaning people who are patient and won't treat clients like they are babies.) Or even an S.O. because she saw some blog and freaked out that only autism is for childlike people and they are not capable for any romantic relationship AT ALL. And yet every April I get so depressed because I want a quality of life. I am tired of being stereotyped and I still feel hopeless that people in the masses won't understand and *accept* me for all I can do. ASD is not a magical go-away thing. Some cases may go down in severity, but for all, there is still some need of quality assistance. I do no advocate anymore. I had been treated by high ranking officials in my locale as a wallflower. I have seen my own peers (more on the lower functioning) making s--- be treated better than themselves. And every time I tried to lend them a voice via "translation" so to speak, I was thrown under the bus. The problem is the morbid messaging amongst your community. The higher functioning is no angels, I do not like the "special snowflakes" mixed with SJW politics with autism. ASAN spends more time on social media talking everything BUT autism. I know many of you probably are strongly against my views, so I'll just leave my reply at that. Excuse me while I cry as well... ~ASDJ
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2017 on Autism, Learn To Live With It. at AGE OF AUTISM
Your writing is pretty bad. If you want to be taken seriously, you NEVER, EVER use "bug names" (the logos to the lower third of the screen) to refer to US TV stations. You use the FCC-issued call signs. It makes it look more professional. Your book you wrote a couple years ago was extremely lousy in the liberal use of bug names over call signs. Oh I guess you wouldn't care because you don't even respect the MSM to begin with... I can't take your message seriously when you write your thoughts like a diary, and blatant anger across my browser window.
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2017 on Dachel Wake Up: April Showers at AGE OF AUTISM
If the intent is to counter the light-hearted nature of Speechless with a morbid tone; then it's a sign of desperation and attention seeking. Good luck to get any major cable or TV network to pick up on it...
I think people are missing the point. Here is the takeaway from a 60 Minutes story last month on this subject from the puppeteer behind Julia: "Stacey Gordon: Had my son’s friends been exposed to his behaviors through something that they had seen on TV before they experienced them in the classroom, they might not have been frightened. They might not have been worried when he cried. They would have known that he plays in a different way and that that’s OK." I don't think Sesame Street is by any means trying to make this "fashionable" in fact I teared up watching the 60 Minutes story. Also she was based on a digital short, that lead into a live action storyarc, which explains possibly why she's a muppet like character instead. (I'm autistic thank you very much.)
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