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haha.. Mine is the creepy whistle from Kill Bill.. people move their children away from me in stores.. which is fine by me!! lol
lol.. Im so Rogue.. or CatWoman.. More Rogue for sure I think..
I hate the 'O you do yoga? Can you put your legs behind your head?' Really DB if I could you would never know it.. and why would some ass even ask that?? ERRRRR Im happy Im not single I still get this crap though.
1. I talk shit to myself in difficult poses too. 2. I think about what Im going to have for dinner or a good glass of wine. 3. I sing to myself especially in forward folds. 4. I check out my pedi to make sure its still ok when I'm supposed to be concentrating. 5. I too have to have my mat lined up proper or it just doesnt work well.
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Oct 20, 2010