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So far my favorite authors by far are the unpublished ones I know lol. I'm sure there are great indie authors out there but they're hard to find on the social media platforms I frequent. Sadly I too have unfollowed people I really enjoyed because of self-marketing. My philosophy is be an interesting and intelligent person and I will decide for myself to go buy your book.
You are so my favorite blogger for real. You aren't afraid to take on these big topics and I love it! As a reader I find the majority of indie authors annoying to be perfectly honest. They are the worst kind of pushy salespeople imaginable in many cases. While I used to follow many of them on Twitter I've slowly unfollowed them all, I couldn't stand the noise. As a whole I find most indie authors arrogant, self-centered, and pushy. I can't imagine not having physical books from the library for my daughter and I. We're not among the poorest but I certainly can't afford to buy enough books for us to read. We go through them like they're chocolate!
I've actually done and won NaNo 3 times so far haha. I'm just not sure if I want to do it this year. To date the work I've produced for it is totally unusable for publishing which is a goal of mine.
(continued from Twitter) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY YOU WROTE A POST! I love the way you put thoughts that have bounced around my head into witty intelligent words with far more insight than I have ever managed. Seriously, you rock my socks! This post was awesome. I've been a fence-sitter this year and after reading this I've decided to give NaNo a go. Writing has been an uphill battle for me in the last year but maybe this will work.
I don't have a whole lot to say other than I both cringed at the topic and giggled at your amazing writing style through this post. Couldn't agree with you more and I would just like to share one of my favorite quotes that I feel is highly applicable: "Well-behaved women seldom make history." —Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
The butthurt female overreaction comment very nearly made me spit my coffee out on my keyboard. That bingo card is brilliant, I'm thinking of printing it out and using it for my interactions with men in video games. I can't COUNT the number of times I've been told "this is the internet it's not really sexual harassment" and/or "grow a thicker skin, just ignore their [clearly abusive comments]". And I agree with Rattyfleef, I hate that when women get worked up over something that's important to them we get accused of it being "that time of the month". UGH. Great post as always, I've really missed your blog!!
Yes m'lady it is. Totally shared this post all around and my girls are LOVING it. Also saving it to show to minime when she gets a bit older :D Seriously just loving you and this post right now!
Umm Lora? I love you and you don't owe me a damned thing mkay?
Totally loved this post! Interesting thoughts and I agree with both camps. Growing up has been tough, heartbreaking, painful in more ways I ever dreamed possible, and utterly and completely rewarding.
Hehe welcome back to blogging! I've missed your posts quite a bit. Cute cat is cute :)
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2011 on Sanity Intervention at Writing Like a Shark
Hehe I agree, personally I actually really enjoy broken characters. People who don't have everything going for them, aren't powerful and are dealing with a lot of crap. Although I do think that characters like the misunderstood All Powerful Teenage Magician have their place. They belong firmly in escapism... and the books need to be sure that's where they are. I don't like them in YA fiction because you're right, they give kids the wrong idea. Brilliant post, as always
I don't know you that well, or at all really other than recently becoming a stalker of your blog (before the earthquake thing). When I heard about the earthquake I was worried about you but your twitter said you were fine so I said some prayers and let it be in the hands of someone far more capable than I am. I've always hated the news, and I loved your word for it: disaster porn, seriously I adore that. The best news comes from the people who are there, seeing what's going on. I've appreciated your updates because when my local friends start talking about an "expert" they saw on Fox "News" (quotes intentional hehe) I refute them with information from blogs like yours, from people actually there. *hugs*
As always loved your blog and thoughts. I've always been inclined to shun traditional news because of the fear-mongering but the way you put it "destruction porn" because that's exactly what it is. My heart goes out to you and everyone else in Japan right now. And it rejoices to see you are able to carry on with life
Thanks for the update! When I heard about the earthquake this morning I was thinking of you.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2011 on Earthquake Update at Writing Like a Shark
To me the classification of books has to do with plot. Is it centered around: teens? murder? crime? mystery? fantasy? sci-fi? etc etc etc. The religious persuasion of the main (or all) characters shouldn't matter any more than race or gender. When religion is a driving force of the plot then perhaps it will find itself in both categories like CS Lewis' Narnia, or other books that have differing plots but do concern religious matters.
I've always had a bit of a problem with Ariel. Not from some sort of feminist perspective but as a parent. Ariel disobeys her father (who yes is a touch misguided but he's trying to protect her), makes a deal with a witch, gets her dad killed (essentially) and then gets everything she wants. That's always grated on me but I let my daughter watch it anyways because like you suggest, I talk to my kid. Belle on the other hand is my favorite Disney princess. I love her spirit, I love the way she stands up to people treating her as though she should be some dumb housewife. And I love that she is willing to give the Beast a chance, to teach him how to treat her. Awesome post as always :D
I love this post. It had me laughing out loud in the coffee shop, which got me a few odd looks but meh... I'm ok with that. It's scary how many attitudes and behaviors that RL considers illegal, immoral, or creepy become favorable traits in books and movies. I sit back sometimes and marvel at Hollywood's ability to make us cheer for the hitmen, thieves, cheaters and stalkers. But I have to give them credit for the writing, they spin their web and we fall right in.
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Mar 1, 2011