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Ashley Sherman
Glendale, Arizona
The Life Of A Crazy 19 Year Old!!!
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Lets see. I haven't gotten that test i was suppose to get done yet. Haha. I haven't had the $50 dollars for the co-pay so thats why. I hope to get it done soon though! I'm pretty excited because since the whole YMCA thing fell through i've been upset about the whole weight thing. But thats all going to change. because I'll be signing up for a gym here next month i hope. And then i'll be blogging about that and updating with pictures. I know it will be really hard work though. But i dont mind because it will... Continue reading
I'm pretty excited with whats going to be happeneing in my future. Next month ill be starting my job at Circle k. :) Yay me! And now i have alot of things to do. I've decided to go to Glendale Community College to be a 3rd Grade teacher. :) in the next couple days I plan on going to GCC and asking about the classes and things i need to take. Plus theres a bunch of other things i have to do to. Im really excited. :) Because i'll probably be able to start in June. I know it seems... Continue reading
Well I've noticed since Justin hasn't been living here any more, I never sleep. And If i do, i toss and turn all night long. It totally sucks. :( I miss him. I'm up so late right now. And there is no reason for it. Other than i can not go to sleep. I've tried over and over and just toss and turn. First i wasn't sleeping because i had the worst head ache. It was horrible. But i was really interested in the Law and Order SVU that i was watching. The only problem was the brightness from the... Continue reading
So i'm feeling alright today. Yesterday was a hard day for me. I guess i was just in one of my moods. I'm feeling good in the sense that i am in a good mood about things right now. At least. But on a couple things. I know that i have been handed things all my life, with out ever having to pay them back, or deal with them on my own. And it has always been that way. I beleive that it has made me a selfish person and made me look at life a completely different way than... Continue reading
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Jan 9, 2010
So i woke up this morning have an amazing plan to start going to the YMCA. The guy who had emailed me said that they have Fin. Aid that can help you because they will never turn some one away because they cant afford it.. FUCKING LIE!!! of course, i cant quilify because my mom makes to much, and i dont have any income and i cant just go there for free. So again i was turned away because of my Parents. No one cares if my dad hasnt worked in 2 years because his back hurts. No one cares... Continue reading
So, Lately i have been going to the Doctor for all kinds of test, So i can make sure whats wrong with me, NOW. haha, and im pretty happy with the results because its something they can fix. I found out that my pain and being sick is caused because when i eat my stomach doesnt pass the food along. Which is what causes me to be hungry like ALL the time. So when they start treating this, i wont have such a weight problem anymore. Plus.. I'm joining the YMCA tomorrow! I'm super excited to start. I have everything... Continue reading
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Jan 7, 2010
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Jan 7, 2010