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I agree with Ungar's essay more because he understands the struggles with getting a liberal arts degree. White claims that getting a college degree in general will help increase your annual earnings, but Ungar disagrees. Ungar acknowledges that a liberal arts degree may not help you in life. He understands that even though having a degree is good, you many not get hired and therefore almost useless if you can't get a job. He claims that degrees such as french and literature may not help you get ahead in life, in a practical sense. Ungar also states that, with the increasing college costs, a liberal arts degree may not get you where you want to be due to limited opportunities in their specific field. However,I think that everyone should do what they love, regardless of job opportunities or potential earnings, if they are happy with themselves and what they are doing, that is all that really matters. is now following The Typepad Team
Oct 10, 2016