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Ask Bjørn Hansen
Los Angeles, CA
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Kkapp: Because upgrading the existing installation to the latest version was Really Quick. Obviously if we were starting from scratch today we'd look at Perlanet. What'd be the advantage of switching to perlanet other than a bit of chest-pounding? Would it make up for the time it'd take to do?
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2010 on Second Rock from the Sun at Perl NOC
Using mothers maiden name is a terrible idea. The "security question" is basically a password, too. Is using the same password (and a reasonably guessable one) in many many places such a good idea now? What I do is put my answer in 1Password and then just generate a second crazy random password as my answer to the security questions, too. - ask
Commented Feb 1, 2009 on No title at rjbs
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