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Amanda Salinas
Harlingen, TX
Running For the Fun
Interests: Running, Reading and Playing Tennis
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I think that if someone wants to believe that there is one person for them there is nothing wrong with that. There obviously is a very high possibility that they are going to be hurt badly but that is part of life. Not all women are shallow and prefer someone with money than without. It seems that you have either met the wrong women or have gotten views from women who are in same group or have same beliefs. I personally would rather be happy and be with someone who treats me well and makes time and makes me a priority. Money does not necessarily make people happy. Look at all the problems celebrities with money encounter on a day to day basis. Women also do enjoy watching romantic movies because it reminds them of the way men can be or that maybe someday something that great and romantic will happen to them.
I also love country music. I lived in New Braunfels, TX for five years and the country music scene is really big in that area. I use to go to country concerts at least once a month. It was nice because there was always some sort of concert going on nearby and I miss that. It is hard for me to listen to country music very often anymore because most of my friends do not enjoy it as much as I do. They also don't let me listen to it in the car because they say I know every song and sing every song and it gets annoying.
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