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And they can't afford for disabled people to have the legal aid they need to get the right benefits for their disability or to mend the assessments so there is less need for legal help so they can keep the legal aid and still in the long term bring down the cost of it?
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I have some experience of contact with CAFCASS and courts dealing with awarding child access. I divorced my ex because he abused all 4 of us and even got himself a Caution for Child Abuse and before I moved away from being anywhere near him the children were on the At Risk Register. In spite of all that CAFCASS talked a lot about the rights of the father and appeared to ignore the welfare of the children except in the case of the younger two (and at the contact centre even when being watched by a CAFCASS person he totally ignored them so they were going to lose all contact with their dad). My oldest (then about 6 and diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay) was going to have unsupervised access with his abusive father if my dad hadn't stepped in and offered to have contact at his place and to supervise it- the court order still had to allow for unsupervised access but at least I had to agree to it and not be forced to choose between risking my ex being given custody of my son in a court that even in its own official description of itself does not have the child's best interest at heart and risking my ex failing to return my son or abusing him during contact (during informal access before the abuse started my ex had repeatedly failed to return my son and kept giving him to his sister and her alcoholic husband- a fact that the court refused to even take into account because it wasn't court ordered access so didn't count- I was actually told that that is why it didn't count). If grandparents can apply for access I hope my ex's mum is dead or will be by then. She attacked me whilst I was pregnant with my twins and with my oldest in my arms and had me pinned to the floor with her fat hand blocking my mouth and nose.
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I've considered the option of voting UKIP next time I get a chance to vote (other than the referendum). Do you know why? The conservatives are disastrous for the disabled and carers and LibDem being in coalition with the conservatives are also jointly to blame for this. Labour has yet to convince me it has changed enough to be worth voting for. Round here unless its the European elections if you get any other candidates to vote for its UKIP or nothing. I believe I have a duty to vote but I am fast coming to the conclusion I may be forced to not vote unless I vote UKIP.
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The only choices I have made that is why I am on benefits is to get my children out of an abusive enviroment and not put them in care. I have 3 special needs children all born when I was married and all by the same father and only 2 pregnancies. I either live on benefits as a carer or I put them in care and let the overstretched care system, in which their special needs would not, probably could not, be catered for properly, bring them up so I can go out to work. It is not just the difficulties caused by holiday childcare you can't guarrentee what days you'll get and is always under threat of closure due to funding. Its all their appointments, my dental appointments etc I can't go to with them with me, and being able to do shopping and housework, etc all of which have to be fitted into the school day or they can't get done because of caring for the children.
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Ripping up the benefit system and starting again is not something that should be rushed. Done wrongly it could be an absolute disarster (some carers simply don't have time for a paid job due to their caring responsibilities so not everyone can work just because they are fit to) for the most vulnerable in society- and it can have a knock on effect for others. That said the present system can't cope with temporary work or changing incomes or even you changing 2 details close together without crashing. One size does not fit all and the coalition said they were commited to fainess as well as deficit reduction. A benefit system geared to making benefits something you would try to get yourself off ASAP is no good for the long term carer looking after 3 special needs kids with little or no support who would have to put her kids in care if she was to go out to work and let the overstetched care system that would not cope with their special needs bring them up instead of in a loving home or face financial ruin trying to cope on what is not meant to last long term to encourage work and potentially having to move into a house too small for her children's special needs so it will be covered by housing benefit or become homeless if one can't be found due to not being able to pay the top up on the rent.
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To Jacqui D: What about multiple birth children who take the couple over the allowed number of children? Which of my twins would you put in care (my 2nd pregnancy was twins)? Not everyone can escape poverty through education, family or work. I am a full time unpaid carer with no time for a paid job due to my caring responsibilities. As those I care for are my 3 special needs children I would have to put my children into care and the over stretched social services and care system be responsible for them in order to go out to work. My parents aren't rich. My husband abused us so unfortunately I am divorced (and the CSA have been having difficulty getting anything out of him). As for education I do have A Levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and I could have had a degree but the course changed by whole papers every year (it was a course that hadn't been in existence for long so had no set curriculum: Materials Engineering) and I would have had to be an unofficial full time student to resit my final year after I failed after the person I was closest to emotionally as a child, my grandma, died just as I was about to start my revision. However, as a carer my qualifications are useless for getting me out of poverty as education is only going to do that through a job.
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Aug 12, 2010