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"Some measure of how serious an obstacle this tactic is to sound analysis can be found in the responses I received to this point in my original post. Several of you (including Kyle McEntee himself in a very thoughtful and measured Comment for which I thank him) chastised me for quibbling with LST when it was perfectly obvious what the “disaster” was—and each of you identified different issues!" It would be one thing if everyone pointed to X as the problem. Then everyone could agree that something is a problem and needs to be addressed. It would then be an issue or a problem - not a disaster. But the fact that commenters identified a range of issues does not negate the argument that a disaster exists - it bolsters it. That so many people can identify a swath of problems with law school, and the legal profession as a whole, should give you pause. And as an aside, it shouldn't matter one way or the other how the hell they say it.
Karelin is a beast! One of the most incredible wrestlers of all time. It's a shame wrestling isn't given more media attention, his athletic and sport achievements are incredible. Too bad the UFC/MMA wasn't around when he competed, it would have been amazing to see him transition.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2011 on Anger or Intensity? at Crime & Federalism
Excellent review! I saw that image when Seth posted it this past week and had the same thoughts RE: "actual risk vs. perceived risk and the sometimes uncomfortable balance of frequency of loss vs. severity of loss." Generally speaking, people are very, very poor at math and statistics. People become panicky at the thought of 100 people dieing in one large incident, but are largely oblivious to 1000 people dieing in small incidents over a 5 year period. As an aside, has had some good coverage of the disaster from an insurance angle as well.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2011 on Blawg Review #304 at Declarations and Exclusions
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Mar 28, 2011