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Anne Stanton
United States
Helping businesses to keep up with the speed of technology change
Interests: Enterprise Social, Social Technologies, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Building on the Dynamics 365 Platform, gardening, reading, writing, technology, blogging, business development, networking
Recent Activity
In March there was a small update released for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement On-premise users. Look for Version Here It includes some improvements for working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Google Chrome and a few other... Continue reading
I have recently been checking out some of the other tools in the XRMTOOLBOX. If you have not discovered these tools and you are a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant or Developer, you definitely want to check them out. They make many... Continue reading
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Now that we are running in larger data centers with the power of Microsoft Azure and with hardware technology such as solid state storage (moving away from the limitations of rotating platters) we all want to take a deep breath... Continue reading
The following table provides a brief comparison of the four available search options in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CE. Microsoft often provides many options for achieving the same goal (just look at all you can do with Outlook!) The link... Continue reading
Tips and Thoughts 1) Is it the right technology for the need? 2) Have a solid design and a long term iteration and maintenance plan 3) Never forget about the customers, customer who might be using the portal. 4) Consider... Continue reading
The power of the user group is that listening to peers, experts, partners, consultants, business users, financial advisors and so many more, opens the mind to interesting ideas. CRM USER GROUP - FOCUS - in HOUSTON 9:49am and here are... Continue reading
Microsoft R&D guru's Grant Geiszler, Daren Turner, and Mike Huguet moved from guru/guru premier field engineers to an internal R&D team and have been working really hard for the last couple of years on a new toolset which provides automated... Continue reading
There are some new tools worth learning about if moving from capital expenditures to subscription models are one of the many financial questions you have regarding this new cloud world. "As enterprises accelerate cloud adoption, it is becoming increasingly... Continue reading
When thinking of the experiences or backgrounds needed for any specific project, don't let assumptions trip you up. These terms can help with your communications. Configuration – knowing of and Answering all the questions related to setting up the system... Continue reading
Someone once asked my why "Blog" when there is so much information already available. My immediate answer: My blog is my knowledge base and if I can help others by sharing, I am going to share. To include fields from... Continue reading
At Microsoft Dynamics 365 Saturday in Boston Jerry Weinstock shared with us how he is using FLIC with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The idea is that you setup a FLIC button (which is a physical button) and tie it to a... Continue reading
There are times when a MANUAL many to many relationship is desired. One of the key reasons might be that you want to add fields to the intersecting table. Here are the steps for creating a many to many relationship.... Continue reading
New Hampshire and Vermont Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Regional User Group Next Meeting When: Wednesday, Feb 27, 2019 from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM (ET) Topic: All things Dynamics 365 and Document Management! Lunch Included Location: The Howe... Continue reading
Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Group Community FOCUS : Get your Deep Dive On! Continue reading
Kudos to the Microsoft business application development teams for making the new user interface a joy to work with as a configuration, business focused, technical analyst (and whatever else people classify me as). I spent the last couple of months... Continue reading
Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a new Unified Interface and within this interface we have new questions to ask when requirement gathering. Why? To increase usability it is important to understand which fields and features within a form are used most... Continue reading
In Support of my Sister OREGON FRIENDS: MARK your calendar. Start your December with great food and gifts at the annual Holiday Farmers Market & Grange Luncheon on Saturday December 1st from 10 am to 3 pm at White Clover... Continue reading
It is time to register for the November NH/VT Upper Valley CRMUG Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement User Group Meeting Continue reading
This week I presented Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure for the XRMVirtual User Group. ( I found this experience very uplifting for I was able to emphasize all of the great work that two very different Microsoft development teams... Continue reading
Oh Microsoft... Marketing and the new licensing. Micro businesses, small businesses and medium businesses matter and often these tiny businesses have thousands of contacts. Tens of thousands even .... Continue reading
In the world of soccer you will find that although everyone on the team has scored goals over the course of their career, there are very few who are consistent finishers. A finisher has a special talent for always being... Continue reading