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Shelley, I've just purchased and downloaded the Lyala Hoodie pattern from Ravelry so I could make my own gnome hats, however, I'm having a tough time with the pattern. I'm a pretty good knitter but for some reason I don't get the directions. I've messaged Natasha on Rav but since you've made so many I wondered if you wouldn't mind a quick question. I've knit my neck. I did the bind off 6 in the middle front in P2 - K2 - P2. It's the beginning of the hat I don't understand. Do I K6, Rib in Pattern, K6 all the way across (thus closing the hole created by the bound off stitches) OR am I supposed to do the K6, Rib, K6 to the bind off and repeat on the other side of the bind off? The pattern doesn't indicate that but I just don't see what I'm supposed to do. I did just have a baby a few weeks ago and I realize I am not all back yet mentally, but for some reason, the construction of this is really eluding me. Usually when I have a problem like this I envision the construction of the item as it progresses and then I see how it all fits together but for this project it is just not making sense in my head. Thanks for your help or advice. Bev
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What's the no blanche method?
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Sep 2, 2010