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Chapel Hill NC
Interests: conservative politics, MAGA
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jimmyk, one of the reasons I think Trump needed to follow the advice of Fauci and Brix is that they are members in good standing with the Deep State and those who want to overturn his presidency. IMO it is becoming more and more apparent to ordinary people that their advice was not in the best interests of American citizens.
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Ext This is a very persuasive conjecture. Given the poor intelligence that I believe Trump is still getting, I agree he would think what he was seeing was proof that the situation was worse than the Chinese were admitting. But it seems possible it was all a show to convince Trump that the virus was far worse than it really is. Sadly Fauci and Brix were happy to add to the false picture as were others in the corrupt agencies. It is very disturbing that Pence was in charge of the choosing the advisors. I hope he was duped not complicit.
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CH "So I'll put it straight up to you gutless wonders: Is that just fine with you?" No. That was without a doubt the worst thing I have read in this blog, which I have been reading since the days when the only comments came from an occasional spammer. It revealed to me the poison that is so deeply embedded in a large number of so-called educational professionals and that one in particular. I rarely comment so I lack the requisite Body of Work, nevertheless there it is. I admit to the cowardliness too.
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Stephanie 11:30AM mentions the "'paralysis' disease that illegal immigrants were suspected of causing primarily in the midwest due to their lack of immunizations." Alternatively The illegal children are shedding polio virus from their vaccinations (attenuated live strain) that are infecting our children. But it is not called polio.
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Probably the best Judy Mikovitz interview on Covid-19 and her experience with Anthony Fauci for those who are interested. Plandemic
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AB If you want to make a fashion statement use ypur fancy cotton mask. If not try this Cheap and probably as effective as anything else that is easily available. Will most people bother -- probably not. Social distancing and curbside pickup are probably the most important along with wash your hands.
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2020 on Sunday Morning Open Thread at JustOneMinute
If you think there is the slightest chance you will encounter the Covid-19 virus -- dispose of your mask outside your house and wash your hands carefully. Do not reuse. Why do you think millions of masks are needed for healthcare workers.
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This is further information on Stephanie's really exciting earlier posts. This is conjecture but could be an absolute game changer and an explanation of why Trumps's pills work.
Toggle Commented Apr 6, 2020 on Sunday Morning Open Thread at JustOneMinute
Dead thread but a time to thank everyone for the record. jimnj for the exceptional coverage of Wuhan virus I appreciate your calm reportage especially. Stay well all.
Mel Do not miss this!
I found this website and same named book of most long term help with Type 2 and variants of what used to be called Adult Onset Diabetes ie Type 2D Her eat to the meter is the single most helpful day to day way to find your best foods to eat or avoid. Recommend it to all. Dr Davis basically advocates the same concept - keep blood sugars constant.
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I have no preference as to suicide or murder, but it would be interesting to see the toxicology results on Epstein. Doubtful that we will though.
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These are the best mouse traps we have used. Locate the trails (usually along wall) and put the trap perpendicular. Don't need any bait as they run across the trap. Unfortunately sometimes it does not kill, those we flush - still better than the glue traps.
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Robin so sorry to hear about your sheep. We got a livestock guardian dog, an Akbash Dog, when we moved out to country. We have many coyotes but never lost even a lamb while he was on guard. There is a lady who raises sheep and alpacas near Syracuse who may be able to help you with a companion for your wether. And you might be interested in seeing her Akbash dogs. IMO they are dogs like no other. I was in touch with her when we lost our 2nd Akbash last fall and would have been delighted to get one from her. As it turns out, we got 2 puppies from MO in January that are wonderful. This is her website. Highly recommended -
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I am as far behind as usual, but I am going to pop this in without catching up. Feel free to scroll on by. I am with BOE and prefer less loathsome things to discuss, but I was a med tech dissecting lymph nodes at a major medical school when HIV/AIDS was first noticed outside gay hot spots. My experience is similar to anomamom's. There was and is so much misinformation that it reminds me of what is going on with the Deep State right now. Many people died needlessly because of the cover-up. It was obvious from the onset that it was acting as a transmissible disease. And that promiscuous sex and especially anal sex put people at risk. That was covered up for political reasons just as the gay community is protected today from publicity, but not the consequences. It was and still is a disease of men who have sex with men and the women who have sex with them, and drug users who share needles (i.e. blood). Hemophiliacs mostly died because they received blood products that were made from hundreds different donors (think, having sex with hundreds of people only a few who have the virus). The products that had been lifesavers became killers. Gay men at the time donated blood in higher numbers than other groups and that they are being allowed to donate again is criminal. No test is 100% accurate. CH, you can not get HIV from giving blood, only from getting a tainted transfusion. In areas where needles are reused transmission is rampant. Be careful where you visit. Contrary to what JimNJ thinks, contact tracing was sporadic and mostly suppressed, again for political reasons. Doctors can not legally tell any partners of infected people without their permission. It is shocking how often that permission is denied. Fortunately for people who were working in healthcare it is much less transmissible than feared. Many more workers have contracted hepatitis, for example than HIV. And for people living, what I call, traditional lives, the risk is very low and always has been. I haven't seen Pin's movie and probably won't, but it does seem from what he said it is presenting some interesting information. Some leads that were neglected might have saved lives. Most diseases have some people who are naturally resistant as there are people who are extremely susceptible and a large group in the middle who are resistant or susceptible depending on other factors. This should not be a surprize to anyone.
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Have the best birthday Porchlight!
If we don't the border emergency dealt with ASAP, conservative judges will be of less importance. Many lower level judges are elected, and, of course, past performance is no guarantee even with so-called conservative judges.
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2019 on Varsity Blues at JustOneMinute
Godspeed Pagar. He was always an American patriot and defender in his comments.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2019 on Run Beto Run! at JustOneMinute
I'm posting this now although the night crew may have answered it because it is going to take hours to catch up. For those in touch with Barbara about daddy's recent comments. Some people turned off the Recent Activity feature around the time people were getting Typepad accounts. I think daddy was one of those who did that. To reactivate, click on the avatar in the profile page and at the bottom of the page there is a place to activate it. There are links to the recent comments but it does not cover all comments going back. Wish it did.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2019 on Sunday Afternoon at JustOneMinute
jim nj thank you so much. What a day, what a memory for detail you have. It will be so much fun, and with no sore feet, to travel along with you and daddy.
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2019 on Sunday Afternoon at JustOneMinute
Tom Maguire thank you so much for making your blog an such an extraordinary place. This is one piece of the amazing life daddy lived as he took us around the world with him. Thanks JIB for the Jody chant. Never heard of it but isn't that what happens so often here. One mention will inspire more from this equally amazing crew along for the ride on Just One Minute.
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2019 on In Memoriam at JustOneMinute
jim nj the travelogue is fabulous! Thank you so much both for arranging this for daddy and for sharing with us now. I have copied the installments but for some reason only the links in the text are working, the Posted by links are not. I will have to go back and fix them. This is just to let everyone know they are available in a document. This is just a start and if anyone wants it now let me know and we can arrange a share. I especially want the post links to work because the comments around them are very interesting too and worthy of reading and rereading. Thank you all.
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2019 on All Hate Matters at JustOneMinute
TK says I feel tricked. This whole online world is like The Truman Show on steroids. I have treated it as a novelty first and as a real experience second. My email friends from here have made it out of the show and can sit on the sidelines with me laughing at the same things here that are taken so seriously. Usually I find your writing very clear. This has me bewildered. Maybe I should watch The Truman Show. Would you explain this more? If not here - I can provide another way. Thanks
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2019 on All Hate Matters at JustOneMinute
jim nj When I taught 2nd grade in NYC, one of the favorite trips was the Staten Island Ferry. We would take the subway down and make the voyage. Favorite question - "Are we back in America now?" A marvelous trip especially in the spring, but always well worth it.
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2019 on Breaking Bad at JustOneMinute
Thank you JOM for the comforting words. Daddy can't be replaced, but his legacy will live on. Thank you who met him for sharing your fond memories with those wanted to. Daddy often told of his time in NC as a child and, of course, his pride in his Tar Heels. By coincidence, the parallels with my time here in NC and Chapel Hill were strong, and I felt that if I hadn't met him, I would soon. What a wonderful gift he used to spark interest and bring his joy of life to all he touched with his person or words.
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