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Mar 15, 2010
While Napster had many of the characteristics of a bubbleboy business, and was not sustainable in and of itself, Dodge is making the point here that the onus was on the record industry to 'embrace and extend', as Bill Gates has often described the challenge of incumbent market leaders that has come to be called the innovator's dilemna. I think the credit here goes to Apple for seeing this disconnect between a so-called 'disruptive innovator' (Napster) and market leaders that failed to embrace and extend. They crafted a solution iPod/iTunes and became the real winners. I go into this Napster episode in my book "Asymmetric Marketing: Tossing the 'Chasm' in the Age of the Software Superpowers", which focuses on how market leaders like MS, Oracle, Google and others engage in systematic 'embrace and extend' marketing that grows markets and provides real opportunity for ecosystem partners.