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I live in the Kanto area two prefectures away from Sendai. The two big problems here right now are gas and supplies. Gas is over 6 dollars a gallon every place I've seen and is being rationed at about 2 gallons per customer at some stations. Food is available, but the dry foods (instant noodles, spaghetti, snacks, etc.) are all the first things to disappear every morning because of the blackouts. Flashlights, camping stoves, batteries, and portable heaters are all gone as well. Yesterday, we had a four-hour blackout during the day while it was snowing outside, which explains why so many people are stocking up. Aftershocks are coming in regularly, though people aren't really worried about the power station. Just attentive.
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How has Amazon been treating you? You inspired me to write a short non-fiction book of my own, which I just put up... but when I went to change the description, Amazon put it back in "Publishing" mode, which means I'll have to wait another 48 hours!
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Mar 14, 2011