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Adam Thurman
President of Mission Paradox
Interests: the chicago bears, pro wrestling, working with nonprofits
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Mar 15, 2010
Wow, people walked out on Valley? I didn't even notice. When you can get people to walk out of a free reading that's pretty impressive. I agree, Valley was the microcosm piece of the evening. Once it was over I even emailed Katori about bring the piece to Chicago. Of course as soon as I did that my "producer" hat leaped on to my head and the questions started to flow: "How the hell do you stage pole dancing?" "Where are you going to find a group of women with the heart necessary to play those parts?" And those are just the artistic questions that came out of a 10 minute excerpt. Even more interesting were the questions about how you prepare an audience for a play like Valley. I mean you can't just throw the thing on stage and hope for the best. You would need an entire marketing and audience development plan to give that show the audience it deserves. Which I think is a lot of the reason theatres don't want to produce new work . . . they don't want to put in the additional effort necessary to make the play work. It's a lot easier to just plug in a play you "know" how to market and that you "know" has a built in audience for it. But instead of saying "we don't want to put that much work into bringing the play to the public" some theatres just say . . . "the play isn't ready."
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