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He sent a VIDEO? Wow, I missed that. I hope it's not like those DVDs he gave Gordon Brown (not compatible w/Brit technology). Hey! Maybe he spoke 'Austrian!'
Here's a U.S. Dept. Of Homeland Security Profile on Chechyan Female Bombers. Some are social outcasts, unable to bear children
Interesting. There have been at least 2 female suicide bombers in Israel since 2003 Both were honor-killings-by-proxy - in other words - they were told they had dishonored their families and had to restore it. We know there were female suicide bombers at the school in Beslin and the theater in Moscow. This paper published by the U.S. Army War College gives a good overview Female suicide bombers are relatively new. Their first known attack came in 1985 when a 16-yearold girl, Khyadali Sana, drove a truck into an Israeli Defense Force convoy and killed two soldiers [ ] During the last 2 years, Palestinian suicide bombers have carried out the largest number of attacks. Not all bombers are known nor are all the data known to be correct. The youngest appears to be either Khyadali Sana (SSNP/PPS, 1985), 16, or Laila Kaplan, (PKK, 1996), 17; the oldest was Shagir Karima Mahmud (SSNP/PPS, 1987), 37. The first LTTE bomber, Dhanu, successfully killed Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991. The first female PKK suicide bombing (June 1996), which may also be the first instance of an apparently pregnant bomber, killed six Turkish soldiers; the bomber’s name is unknown. more at the link.......
@RayD I don't think Phil has much to do with it. Speaking for myself, it had EVERYTHING to do with it. When you invite people into your house and let some of the guests soil the carpet with their own feces, don't expect the other guests to hang around. Phil did leave another comment that pushed things too far. One off comment is one thing - several that violate our policy will get you banned. His comments have been wiped off the site - going over a year back. Thank you. Hiya Gringo! It will be interesting to see how Merkel gets on with Obama from here on out. Oh, I'm sure she's figured out he's an idiot by now. Sarkozy certainly has.
@GringoTex Wait for me, I'm right behind you! David, for shame, really.
Since Germans never kept Negro slaves, Well, thank god he isn't a Jew
Oh jeez. I hesitate to post this as I am, still, after all these years, sworn to secrecy. I will say as much as I can. For 3 years back in the '80s I worked for the newspaper 'USA Today'. To be clear, I was/am a computer geek - had nothing to do with USA Today's product, but I knew the billing in my sleep. So one day my boss, MC, walks into my cube and asks me to step into his office - he shuts the door - which he never did - and there are two guys in suits there. "Ms P, I'm agent K and this is agent S'. Handshakes all around. "Agents of what? (Yes, I am that stupid) FBI. I swear to God I actually said this. You all can use it against me for as long as I live. I'M INNOCENT This is how to make FBI people wet their pants laughing. Ok, so the deal was this - there was an abortion clinic bombing in a southern state that I won't name and the bomb was wrapped in an issue of USA Today. The FBI needed a computer geek at USA Today to find that fucker. We got him. That's all I can say. Other than - despite their haircuts, male and female, - FBI people really do have a sense of humor. As long as you're not the suspect. Still innocent.
Oh, I remember this. I'm pretty sure my thoughts at the time (and I may have posted as much) is that I didn't see that the cops had much choice if they wanted to protect public safety - outnumbered by a mob and dealing with potentially having a Zionist (and possibly a Jew) being lynched. In terms of their responsibilites, I think the police did the right thing in the immediate situation. But I agree with Ray - it begs the question. Obviously, there were plenty of cameras there - could not some of the perps in the crowd be tracked down and charged with something? ( I ask that in full acknowledgment that I don't know German law.)
IT'S A MIRACLE!! I agree with everything in Tropby's first post. I must need more coffee. But this It is, as I already mentioned, owned by Murdoch. He is a known appeaser of tyrants and owner of such junk as Fox News Channel. His so called news channel had the chutzpah to claim a right to lie in its news ... Murdoch media are no serious sources, sorry. The Murdoch acquisition of WSJ is VERY recent. As a long-time reader the only change I have detected is on the opinion pages - more liberal voices, e.g., Thomas Frank. There is much to criticize about ALL American news channels but far less vis a vis Fox.
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Sergey, you are referencing the wrong BJ thread. The correct one is here - Schrodinger's Cat... "It is the great luck of Europe's priestly caste that parties like the Vlaams Belang, SVP and BNP exist, for they too see and speak the truth, and provide an alternative that the common folks can join instead of supporting fringe movements that may expound the truth in some ways but spout lunacy (e.g. "the Jews did it") in others" Note also that 2 examples cited as "Hitler's revenge" (meaning guilt over the Holocaust) are mosques in the U.S. and the U.K. - two countries that have no guilt on that score. Note also this remark: "...reality as solidly established through 80 years of statistical research as racial differences of mean IQs,..."
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