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But it is a search engine comes to your target visitor, a visitor who was looking for necessary information and found it on your site. Secondly, the compulsory registration of your thematic center (site) in directories, and ratings. According to recent data published in Runete just 50% of visitors you can get on your site, and they too are targets because most of them are looking for information that is classified in directories by category. Thirdly, in its own mailing topics that will interest your visitors and subscribers. Yes, it's hard work, but that such work leads to good results. With the help of mailing not only can you prove yourself as an expert and an advertising company, survey, marketing research and it does not matter, you are registered on a paid or free service (details on mailing services, please visit ) Fourthly, the use of viral marketing. Yes my friends, this way really paid off many times and proved to be lethal force. Why is this method? This deliberate speed advertising for the necessary information from one user to another network, without involvement advertiser. E-book is a tool for viral marketing. Just such a tool is to write articles. You prepare the e-book, while preparing for her design and 3d artwork, or you write an article on the interests of your target visitor, place it in your ezine, newsletter of other authors, some free service. In each article (or electronic book) is necessary to place the file sign or... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2011 at Aube Des Dieux At Your Service
Latest optimizing web pages for the world's largest search engine, Google is their nod of approval is the obsession of all web developers, and for this constantly seeking ways to achieve it. But the great secret of web positioning in Google, yahoo, Bing, and hundreds of other search engines that are on the Web, is no longer so secret and in fact is very simple, and contain two simple words: relevant content is content that is deliberately written, with interesting information, true and good grammar. Taking this into account in drafting the use of keywords to facilitate the search for robots and humans. If the information is delivered with honesty, without exaggeration and thinking like someone who will read our information and find something that really serves, this will basicamentemas to good start in the optimization of our site. However, there are other sites that are coveted much to enhance our site, including one the most important and perhaps little known is Alexa. Fro more about searching, see MyWebSearch. Generates an Alexa ranking of sites in the network, based on the views received, and links from another website, they go to first. This ranking is of two types: Global or Regional mundialy, ie the country of origin of the website, and we can get an idea, Google is ranked No. 1, followed by Facebook yyoutube. In Colombia Page 2145 is in place in the world, so now you can understand how valuable it would find among the first 10,000... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2011 at Aube Des Dieux At Your Service
For some reason, most of those who are trying to get to the top positions in search engines for any of the requests that, in the end are left with nothing. Either they fall on these requests, after a while, or users who come to them on a site does not do any good. That is the level of sales remains at zero. Here are a few main five reasons why it happens. One reason may be that the site is unwound by a common, highly competitive request. If you have a highly specialized site on the cars, the most unfortunate decision in this case will try to get on the first page of search "cars". Firstly, for this request is competing great number of other websites. And quite large, high-quality, inflated in terms of the number of links to their pages, etc. Simply put, to compete with them, the same that cause fist fight. Secondly, query "cars" too general. Visitor, enter it, could be kept in mind anything. Therefore, this request is more appropriate to some large portals about cars, where you can find almost everything. And if you want to promote a highly specialized resource about car, then you should pick something more concrete. For example, if your site specializes in American wheelbarrows, it is best to use as the main Request "Cars from the United States." Another reason might be that there is no relevant information on the site in response to a selected request. Relevant -... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2011 at Aube Des Dieux At Your Service
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Feb 6, 2011