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A pig on a bike?! Put it on Youtube! ;)
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Great blog post Jeff! I agree that waiting for funding to start a company is being opportunistic: "... um, if you can't wait - why are you waiting?", so true! I'm part of a startup accelerator and many are surprised to see how late we stay, how we have "no life". We left our jobs and moved to Boston in a heartbeat and are bootstrapping experts now. And while everybody is worrying about the sacrifices we make, we're worried about the sacrifices they don't make for their startup. Oh but there are things we couldn't sacrifice like the feeling of building a great product people need and room for creativity (this is worth a lot!). I think that for true pigs like us, quitting our day jobs was not a sacrifice, it's was gift, an incredible rush of adrenaline telling you: "Ok, go, focus, make it happen, make it big, your survival depends on it." I'll play golf, when I deserve it. I'll practice with eggs for now.
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Sep 12, 2011