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Feb 12, 2010
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Feb 12, 2010
Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I won't get to talk to him on Valentine's Day. =( But I hope you have a great VDay, too!!
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My favorite thing about love is that it doesn't care. It doesn't care how busy you are or what you have going on in your life...or if you even have time for love. It just happens and you have to embrace it. My fiance and I always say that our relationship has been a big bunch of bad timing. We started dating and he had to leave two weeks later to go to a school for the Marines. We spent some time together here and there over the next year before he left last November for Afghanistan. I absolutely cannot wait for him to return home this summer.
Feb 11, 2010
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Feb 11, 2010
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Feb 11, 2010