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Great! now we can sustainably transport our unsustainable trash habit. Ohh the irony. Good idea though.
It's simply a double wheelchair with a roll bar and a suicide wish. 35Mph??!1! Overly complicated- FAIL Aerodynamics- FAIL Consumer acceptance- FAIL Where do I put my shopping bags?- FAIL Another purposeful GM FAIL? "Imagine moving about cities in a vehicle fashioned to your taste, that’s fun to drive and ride in, that safely takes you where you want to go, and “connects” you to friends and family, while using clean, renewable energy, producing zero vehicle tailpipe emissions, and without the stress of traffic jams. And imagine doing this for one-fourth to one-third the cost of what you pay to own and operate today’s automobile. This is what Project P.U.M.A. is capable of delivering." These people should get out of the boardroom and "connect" with a BICYCLE.
"Except umm, GM management is the Obama Administration." Except umm, US Gov is an owner. Management is still GM staff.
Considering the types of questions asked the conclusions of this "study" are next to useless. Leading questions don't give an accurate picture of consumers preferences. Just because people answered those questions does not mean they believe in the premise. Accenture has the contract to run the business end of BC Hydro.
This is an interesting transmission. Combined with an electric motor, this would be a fantastic unit for a garden tractor, although why this would be more cost effective / efficient than a regular transmission is beyond me. is now following The Typepad Team
Mar 22, 2010