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Hi Ralph, just to clarify what the 3DXforum Netvibes dashboard reports on: every mention of #3DXforum, as well as "3DEXPERIENCE Customer Forum" or "3DEXPERIENCE Forum" in articles (blogs posts etc). The numbers provided in the blue chart are the number of tweets written by their respective authors. So the "Top5" is simply made of people who tweeted the most at that time (removing our 3DS accounts and 3DS staff), nothing less, nothing more. Regarding the quote about the fact that people tweeting at events are doing it to show "the people who invited [them] know [they're] working for [their] supper", I don't think this is the case IMHO. They (including myself at third-party events) do it because social augments physical events in a great way, and to share with others who are not attending a glimpse of what's going on. Thanks, Aurelien BLAHA, Social Communications Manager, Dassault Systèmes
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Nov 27, 2013