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Way to kill my heroes, man. Seriously though. I get why people, including me, get attached to these actors, but why make them icons of representation? They are just in it for a buck, everything else is just marketing. I mean, if you want to see actual gay men getting it on, you're much more likely to see that in amateur porn. But that's just me.
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Some say that they are s4p. Like Dominic Pacifico. That's their business. I'm disappointed, but I'll get over it and move on to new people and wait to get disappointed by them as well. And the cycle continues. And for the curious gay models...your argument sounds like a marketing excuse you would read on twitter. In other words, bullshit. If they really want to experiment why would they make it harder on themselves by publicizing it? They would be better off doing it on the DL and hoping people don't know about it. These people are also generally above average looking. They can get anyone to sleep with them. So there goes the excuse of having to book a scene. These kinds of scenarios will bring out a lot of toxicity. All of that just for a curiosity? More like a gimmick for attention.
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Mar 21, 2019