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People buy from sales people they trust ... integrity is a big part of that. I remember what Stephen Covey wrote in, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", Trustworthiness is made up of CHARACTER and COMPETENCE. And people have antenna to sense both of them.
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I think many companies dont want to look at reality, just how to increase earnings and profit for their shareholders. And I can see how a commission based sales person would be really tempted to change jobs to pick up a more reasonable quota make a killing for a couple of years and then move on again. Luckily for me the company I worked in for the last 15 years of employment had a process where the sales reps prepared their own budgets which was then extensively reviewed by management ... by looking at the market as you suggest. BTW that company went from $0 at startup (with little to no financial resources) to $50mill/ yr in about 11 years.
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I really like the start of your point 2. Where I lived for about 10 years, tradespeople were notorious at not showing up. A new guy started a business and called it "I Show Up" and he DID ! Needless to say this handyman was a big success.
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Jan 30, 2017