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Arthur Aust
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Wowee! :D from Yahoo news (21 May 2010): "Senate passes massive Wall Street regulation bill" (quote) "WASHINGTON – Prodded by national anger at Wall Street, the Senate on Thursday passed the most far-reaching restraints on big banks since the Great Depression. In its broad sweep, the massive bill would touch Wall Street CEOs and first-time homebuyers, high-flying traders and small town lenders." [...] The financial industry, Obama said, had tried to stop the new regulations "with hordes of lobbyists and millions of dollars in ads." (end quote)
I have once read Frank Herbert quote his deceased wife, 'Revenge is basically for the emotionally retarded'. Benjamin knows full well why he hasn't let the BDS assassination goons run amok.
Bill Clinton is reaching a dangerous climax, heehee. Funny that he wasn't even allowed off the plane.
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Apr 19, 2010