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OOOH yeah, I want to also mention YOU guys lied, scratch offs are still horribly limited, I only get 6 uses, wow, 1 more is an improvement?? Really now, JUST REMOVE the limit!! come on Dudes!! I have 50+ of those damn scratch offs sitting in my inventory, and you keep giving me more all the time.. why limit that shit???
This app is almost pointless, Facebook already has a check-in service.. I will not keep this app on my FB account or iphone 4.. You wasted time on this app when you could have updated MyTown last week, or sooner.. BOOYAH, just make MyTown, your other apps, not so good. That night club game is so stupid.. MyTown, is also dead for ipod touches... so just post no more ipod touches may use the app.. thats 98% of the negative reviews on the app store...
Dude 5 levels was NOT enough I did suggest IF you went with 5 levels make it REALLY hard to level up, I leveled up to max level in no time at all... I had a cache of points items for my check ins and the app gave me 40 free checkins, then 16 more from shrimp powerups, etc., PLEASE make up to 100 levels!! I'm sick of maxing out, I want a real challenge BOOYAH!! 5 levels was a joke.. you gotta be kidding.. BTW, where are the PROMISED leaderboard rewards?? I want more prizes!! The next time you take months to update MyTown, Make More than 5 levels. I love the ability to choose different buildings, it's about damn time, not just the current level buildings but ALL of them.. All my buildings are level 22.. So how about more levels there?? Yes I know that you have to make art for them, but it can't be that hard can it?? Look at REAL buildings for inspiration..
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Sep 7, 2010