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Austin Pantaleo
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This is great advice. I am a firm believer that being remarkable, whilst maintaining a foundation of integrity, leads to a strong reputation/brand and unforseen opportunities. Tina Seelig at Stanford puts it best by saying "never miss an opportunity to be fabulous". With this mindset throughout my MBA degree, I have come across opportunities I never could have imagined.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2010 on Innovation Principle 20: Be remarkable at metacool
I like the way you illustrated the people, objects, and ideas. Your approach reminds me of the Landor tool used to visually describe brands in the form of vehicles, animals, personalities, etc. I completed your exercise and came up with the following list (I wish I could have uploaded an image): Mario Lemieux 66 Corvette Stingray eBay Napster Steve Prefontaine Dick Fosbury (creator of the Fosbury flop) Warren Buffet Ford Model T Nike Da Vinci Surgical System World Expo site (Shanghai) Thomas Edison Solar Panels Steve Jobs iPad Harvard Business Review Words that come to mind include: authentic, creative, driven, ingenious, passionate, unique, impact, and confident. You are right; there is a pattern of those with a strong point of view. Do you have an example of when you had to say no to something that didn't matter? Cheers
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Dec 1, 2010