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Austin and Cali
Electric transport, sailplanes and sailboats!
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I read a review and it gets real world mileage in the twenties. Better to get a real, all electric vehicle at that price like a Model 3.
This raises the bar for UPS, USPS and fleets like Amazon who just bought thousands of gas guzzlers. May the most efficient company (and our planet) win!
Do any other states join CA in banning renewals for excessively polluting vehicles? This should be a nationwide law.
Does anyone know if they will be using renewable gas, RNG? This seems pretty obvious.
Please support nonprofit rideshares and coop cabs like RideAustin and then Lyft worst case over greedy and selfish Uber.
Yea! What we need is much more conversion of trapped underground carbon dioxide if we are to insulate our atmosphere and ruin planet earth! Hahahahaha
Can fleets also use ethanol or renewable diesel for cleaner engines and air?
Do some of you have contacts at Nestle? I'm working to bring #renewablejetfuel to Austin, ABIA! Thx
Only sort of cool. Can they use #ethanol (yellow cap)? We need to downsize and electrify city fleet vehicles..I learned fat city workers are the ones fighting for huge luxury SUVs.
What a silly exercise and waste of billions..just go electric! I'd avoid VW stock.
We could also commit to drive fewer cars and to use natural, renewable rubber.
Hybrid means tens of thousands annually in fuel, oil and maintenance? Electric makes a lot more sense.
Oh wow, Canada sux! Trudeau isn't our friend, it seems. Best they could do it use it for renewable fuels as everything goes electric. What a shame for taxpayers.
We need to be wise enough to have underwater carbon reserves if our climate is to have a chance. #driveelectric
Is anyone using rLNG, renewable natural gas? This will be key for max benefit vs fracking.
Join me and take a second to submit comments to support electric buses!
I hope stop start resets to "on" or a lot of hillbillies will keep it turned off just to be stupid.
No more hybrids! This is the same complexity and cost as full #emissionfree #electricbuses!
Mining #bitcoin without #renewableenergy is super selfish. Far better to use your processing power to solve disease.
Weak sauce. Subaru is so late to the party. They need an all electric to be relevant.
Not universally true. Women in Texas tend to drive the biggest and most selfish gas guzzlers on the roads.
An electric car would be far better marketing than this 10 mpg gas guzzler.
Each "Boost" is a trip replaced by a giant gas hauling diesel danger in your neighborhood.