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The Ministry of culture has delivered its annual awards. The Princes of Asturias and the Minister of culture presidierno the Act. The duo Amaral, the novelist Javier Cercas and Ibanez and Paco Rabanne fashion designer have been some of those recognized during the awards ceremony. This Tuesday have been delivered in Lleida national awards which is granted each year by the Ministry of culture and who have been presided over by the Princes of Asturias, accompanied by the Minister of culture, angeles Gonzalez-Sinde; the Minister of culture, Ferran Mascarell and the Mayor of the city, Angel Ros. Amaral (absent from the Act), Javier Cercas, Paco Rabanne or miniseries 23-F: the hardest day of the King have been some of the winning candidates. This is the complete list. Awards for music composition: Elena Mendoza (Seville, 1973) has been honored for his contribution to Spanish musical creation in all fields; his contribution to the promotion and internationalization of Spanish contemporary music and, in particular, by their releases in 2009 in the Music Festival of Alicante of fragments of imaginary Theatre (first part), and fog at Operadhoy. Interpretation: The award has corresponded to Diego Fernandez Magdaleno ((Medina de Rioseco, Valladolid, 1971).) Awarded for... Continue reading
Posted Jul 21, 2022 at Austin Startup
Singing high notes often can be embarrassing for some people who still have not mastered the skill. The reason to sing these notes can be so difficult is because it requires the use of an area of our voice that is not used often in our daily lives. So if you're just starting, and does a course of singing techniques, it is so difficult. The biggest problem with most of the singers when they sing these notes is caused by tension in the larynx and the lack of attention on the resonators. To sing the high notes properly, you must release the tension to make a more resonant sound. a Here are some tips on how to sing high notes with greater ease. The first step is sure to warm your voice. As the runners do when they stretch the muscles, your voice should also prepare for what lies ahead. If you get out of bed and start running without warming your muscles, you know how painful it can be. The same is true for warming up the voice. You can heat your just humming voice. So have many more opportunities to reach those notes, if ever you make your... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2022 at Austin Startup
The aesthetic dimension in holistic education is an art as it involves a beautiful act that gives meaning to human existence. f) The spiritual dimension that leads to full and direct experience of universal love which sets an internal order in our spirit, with a sense of peace and fraternity for all beings. Therefore we can say that we can not allow the formation of the subjects focused on only the cognitive aspects, but must take into account the aforementioned levels and dimensions in which there is proof that we educate from enhancing the human from their individuality, reaching social and transcend to a level where you feel part of a whole and responsible for keeping all this, same as to take care of it has to strengthen the spiritual part that I love and around him to take him to behave differently to their own existence with others and with the environment in which it operates. As in schools is urgently needed a pedagogy of universal love and spiritual as noted by the author to which there is resistance and not understanding and acceptance that is necessary and urgent change that leads to free the creatures that inhabit the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 5, 2022 at Austin Startup
If this seems obvious to us what follows I hope it is. Look gentlemen students in the following. The mobile "C" moves two meters. According to Zenon, the mobile "C" will not be reached by the "A" because of the lead. In our experience, we make what we Zenon says is true. So: imagine a right triangle. Then we add their legs and the hypotenuse. Now apply this to the idea of Zenon. "A" and "C" are at the starting point of the adjacent side. "A" gives an advantage to "C". when "A" desire to advance him with a hook lift a Four meters. In a vertical line. For if "C" will advance to the final point of the adjacent side. When "C" this three centimeters to reach the goal. Which measures eight meters. Long, from the initial point to final point. Permitmos that "A" support your feet on the surface of the hypotenuse. At the initial point of it. And run to the end point of the hypotenuse that meets the end point of the adjacent side. When "A" reaches the place where it was "C" this will have won by three centimeters. Which are represented by their heads.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2022 at Austin Startup
The key features of CLIPS are: Knowledge Representation: CLIPS can handle a wide range of knowledge supports three programming paradigms: the declarative, the imperative, and object-oriented. The rule-based logic programming allows knowledge to be represented as heuristic rules that specify actions to be executed a given situation. OOP allows modeling complex systems such as modular components. The imperative programming algorithms can run in the same way as in C, Java, LISP and other languages. Portability: CLIPS is written in C to make it more portable and fast, and has been installed on various operating systems (Windows 95/98/NT, MacOS X, Unix) without being required to modify its source code. CLIPS can be run on any system with an ANSI C compiler or a C compiler. The CLIPS source code can be modified if the user deems it necessary to add or remove features. Integrability: CLIPS can be embedded in imperative code, invoked as a sub-routine, and integrated with languages such as C, Java, FORTRAN and others. CLIPS includes a complete object oriented language (COOL) for the development of expert systems. Although written in C, but its interface looks like next LISP. CLIPS can be written on the extensions to C, and... Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2022 at Austin Startup
Oil production in Russia today - the number one business. It is only natural that his demands on the quality of equipment is constantly increasing. And in order to meet these requirements, companies that are partners oil producers must constantly be in the process of modernization. That is the objective of our policy. It focuses on the development and creation of a modern high quality equipment. The basic principle innovation policy "Red Proletarian" - operational monitoring of the modern technology of oil production and supply in the market for the equipment that meets all the requirements of the oil. This creates a equipment with the optimal set of consumer features, which are adjusted in the direction of improvement at the design stage. The best examples of modern oil production equipment are in the interaction and cooperation with the client company. The main profile of the enterprise - manufacturing and repair of oilfield equipment, and overhaul of diesel engines over 20 items. Among the clients of such large public oil company in Russia. About 30% of the capacity of the plant "Red Proletarian" takes overhaul of diesel engines of the type B2, D6, D12, Will H, JAMZ, Kamaz and air Compressor... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2022 at Austin Startup
"When he was alone with him odinnaodin yourself - it's as perfect ghost are vanity, but even that makes infinitely deep thought", - he speaks. - "Fortunately, you spend 90 percent of the day outside their cells, and live more like Tom, but do not like Draco. " Tom recently, though really young great actor, and met with journalists Star in a hotel room on the outskirts of the metropolis, that time to talk about that, what was the indifferent play Malfoy in all six films about Harry Potter, even in the "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," koy turned to the screens on 16 July. His rival in the film Harry Potter is waiting for him. Just leaving the airplane, flown in from London, where He was held on the red carpet too pretty at the world premiere in conjunction with other artists - with just a single stop at McDonald's - delighted Felton not showing any particular single symptom slowness. He is absolutely a complete opposite of the arrogant and very easy to manage an unusually young wizard, played. Its just a laugh and it's pretty funny. He still is a truly an avid traveler - a passionate... Continue reading
Posted May 25, 2022 at Austin Startup
Ron Miller explains in his dialogue that consciousness requires knowledge of the transcendent through the heart and the tradition. this is rarely performed in academia and proposed that there should be a place for all intelligence in the universities or academic, in the way we educate young people, this would be holistic education in college. It tells the shock generated between the two cultures, old and new from his own experience in his doctoral dissertation which dealt with the history of alternative theories in education, he realized that there is a holistic way of understanding the world and continue to stress the fact that this is not an ideology. This is difficult because the current way of thinking or modern works based on ideologies. Hence the question arises: What would be the most important for the development of HD? "By further developing the theory or construct an effective social movement? Or one is it more important to develop a theory or a higher priority to advance the cultural movement? In response, ideally would like to see serious social action and theory come together in the hand, ie those who speak of praxis, theory should not leave nothing but air but... Continue reading
Posted May 22, 2022 at Austin Startup
Notice By agreement at the Working Meeting of the Board of Fraccionamiento "Los H roes Puebla", 2nd stage, held on Saturday February 21 this year, is: CALL For administrators, secretaries, treasurers and members of various committees of the Assembly of the Council to be held on 28 February at 20:00 hours on the second floor of the negotiation Italian Coffee, located at 117 East. (The Towers), in order to discuss and take appropriate agreements related to the organization and operation of the Division and whose operative paragraphs will be definitive, and we call come on time.Proposal: Agenda 1 .- Information 2 .- Appointment of the Chair of the Board of Directors 3 .- General business 4 .- Tasks and activities CAREFULLY H. Puebla de Zaragoza, February 22, 2009 Board of Directors of Los H roes Puebla. 2nd stage . Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2022 at Austin Startup
Accommodate our burdens, and send his silent guards, guardian angels, that we express the truth. Suddenly, no one of your relatives or friends you have been told or revealed anything. Will arise in you brilliant ideas, inspirations, and you tell me where do these ideas come to me that even I knew that kept my brain? And I really work to develop activities and prosperous, as you do with such dedication and love that the only way you will be possible to travel the road to success. It is normal in every human being, creating forces resistance, we prepared our genetic code for thousands of years to withstand the onslaught of the forces of nature. But in this new world that sticks the tip of your nose, these ancient beliefs are no longer. So you already know, most humans live in large cities, and these and their social laws are different from the old laws of nature. We can not go hunting bears in the big city, not to chase deer. Here the game cards have been changed. It is a jungle of concrete and steel that devours or praises the winners and losers. A hostile place for the man... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2022 at Austin Startup
Health Infant mortality, maternal health problems, HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases have many points of contact with malnutrition. A malnourished person has a weakened body, the more chances of disease and fewer defenses to cope. A sick body is more likely to fall into a state of malnutrition. A community ill will have less ability to work and jeopardize food security and their descendants. Hunger and disease are, thus, a vicious circle. Action Against Hunger has worked in the prevention and treatment of major diseases in developing countries through: emergency medical care in nutrition, primary health care, maternal and child health programs, immunization, essential drugs and education health. Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2022 at Austin Startup
It brought together some 86 pieces of large format and will be open to the public on the campus of the University of Phoenix until next June. The ancient art exhibition makes a splendid tour of the ancient and modern china, with photographs and art that stop in time and for now, historical moments of the ancient art culture as the terracotta warriors, the wall ancient China, Buddhist monks and former performing arts that the Asian country has various manifestations. The ancient art exhibition, which until a few days ago was in the city of Phoenix has toured the axis leaving a good impression among observers, thanks to the good quality of the images and the historic burden that contain. This is a good opportunity for those who wish to move closer to the ancient culture of Asian nation, which in recent years has suffered a great social change, to give a shift in traditional agricultural lifestyle of the big cities of skyscrapers and notices neon ads with Western brands. Ali has travelled several cities in Colombia as Manizales, Armenia, Cali and Pereira, among others. The management, to Colombia for the arrival of this art exhibition, was thanks to the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 20, 2022 at Austin Startup
School of International Relations to develop their teaching-learning process, the Faculty is organized in three departments in the year 1964, Private Law, Professional Law and the Social and Political Sciences, the latter is renamed in 1967 in Political Science and Social, creating in 1968 the Department of Public Law. That same year, the School took on an added dimension by proposing the creation of the career of International Relations in the Department of Social and Political Sciences, which was approved by the Higher University Council in 1970 should be added that from that year , teachers and students of the career construct their own identity.In 1980 the School was reorganized as follows: the career of Legal Sciences, is staffed by the Departments of Political and Social Sciences, Professional Law and Procedure Private Law and Public Law, International Relations The race is run by the Department of Foreign created under international trade 635 dated 3 November 1971. The initial structure of the Department was: A director and faculty (mostly foreigners) and three instructors. In 1971 the curriculum of international relations underwent a review by the Department of Social and Political Sciences Faculty. That review turned rigid system to disappear electives and... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2022 at Austin Startup
Pablo Picasso was the first child of Jose Ruiz Blasco and Mara Picasso Lpez. His father was an art teacher, freelance artist and curator at the museum. One might think that the art has been lying to him in blood. Among his many periods, such as the blue and pink period, Pablo Picasso was also a co-founder of cubism. This should be a very important genre, which stops still an important place in education. Cubism is basically divided into two categories. Analytical Cubism, which is the earlier, is therefore also earlier style. This came at around 1907 and lasted in Picasso's works until 1912. As a further development and innovation can be the second category, which took their time was 1913, the Synthetic Cubism. These Pablo Picasso created both a new art direction, as well as a modern design option that we know today, among others, still in the form of collages. In Synthetic Cubism Picasso devoted himself not only the separation of subjects into different geometric objects, ato achieve a specific crystalline structure and plasticity, but he went a step further. In synthetic cubism, he had made it his task to put these same themes again something together. This... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2021 at Austin Startup
Pablo Picasso was the first child of Jose Ruiz Blasco and Mara Picasso Lpez. His father was an art teacher, freelance artist and curator at the museum. One might think that the art has been lying to him in blood. Among his many periods, such as the blue and pink period, Pablo Picasso was also a co-founder of cubism. This should be a very important genre, which stops still an important place in education. Cubism is basically divided into two categories. Analytical Cubism, which is the earlier, is therefore also earlier style. This came at around 1907 and lasted in Picasso's works until 1912. As a further development and innovation can be the second category, which took their time was 1913, the Synthetic Cubism. These Pablo Picasso created both a new art direction, as well as a modern design option that we know today, among others, still in the form of collages. In Synthetic Cubism Picasso devoted himself not only the separation of subjects into different geometric objects, ato achieve a specific crystalline structure and plasticity, but he went a step further. In synthetic cubism, he had made it his task to put these same themes again something together. This... Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2021 at Austin Startup
We come up with various tests and believe that their intelligence is not perfect, but if they tested us, they would hardly have been in delighted with our mind. Criterion of reason - is valid. But is it not reasonable, is not rational behavior of all living things, from plants and animals to bacteria and viruses? Lilac bush, a rose, the nightingale. They all rational: and inside and outside. They live and breed. Who dares to say that they are not intelligent just because they do not know about this? Intelligent behavior - is primarily a rational behavior, and if we proceed from this principle, space systems, not less intelligent than biological. In the behavior of celestial bodies, space systems, biological systems - human, animal and plant species, ie, any phenomena of the universe view hidden feasibility and desirability - the equivalent of reasonableness. Any organism, ie, any system organized in a natural way, is a reflection of the absolute world of laws and as a result - is reasonable, since efficient from the standpoint of nature. In turn, "Homo sapiens", believing themselves wise, hardly can claim that title. Rather, it is "reasonable man" walking the road of trial and... Continue reading
Posted Nov 30, 2020 at Austin Startup
For different stages (cleaning, deposition, polishing) used brushes of fibers of different diameters and with different pile density. To distinguish them, brushes, according to European standard, painted in different colors. Black and green (crude) go for pre-cleaning surface. To delete a particularly hard caked dirt used as a ring of tangled steel wires, allowing mechanically clean the surface. Blue and red colors are used for applying mastic and impregnations. Pads beige and white are used for polishing surface. To care for the oil and wax can be purchased polishers. Household floor polishers are compact, they can be kept in private suburban homes, apartments, offices. Gandalf describes an additional similar source. Polishers designed for areas with heavy loads, have many modifications and their cost is much higher. Particular attention should be given the choice of protective coating. Manufacturers of hardwood materials offer a huge selection of different types of parquet lacquers that give a different structure of the coated surface: matte, semi-matt, glossy. There was widespread infiltration of parquet floors with special essential oils do not form a film on the wood surface. Oil can used alone or in combination with an additional wax coating. Means to care for flooring helps... Continue reading
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The first parachute jump c happened! I took off and landed - well! But what is surprising: the panic that you experience when facing the open door of an airplane at an altitude of about a thousand feet above the earth's surface, almost completely disappears from consciousness, as soon as your feet occur severe blow to the ground. Feeling under the feet of solid footing, as if I unconsciously moved away from those of his celestial weightless sensation. Recall our first training session: we were calm, confident, and naively believed himself fearless. The second training session gave us a pain in the muscles, the characteristic bluish marks on the body and at the same time, some insecurity in their physical capabilities. Approaching the moment of truth. And then, finally, came the same day! Among the multitude of minor details looms fill some documents about the removal from the club responsible for any possible negative (and more lethal) consequences of my jump, after - fitting-fitting parachute D-1-5, D-1-5U, D-6 (boots, helmets), loading and ... arrival at the airport. Opens the door of our truck bodies - and we get on from the shadows bathed in sunshine and stunning expanses of its... Continue reading
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Numerous fans of the famous Soviet writer Vasily Shukshin appreciate the production staged by his stories of the villagers. It should be noted that, despite the fact that the play was created in Latvian director, has staged a huge success and attracted a huge amount of enthusiastic press reviews. What's the secret? After all, it would seem, European Latvia should be far from the interests of peasants from the Russian hinterland. A it is probably present in the professionalism of a well-known in Europe, a theater director. Hermanis - winner of several awards, and his performances are involved in international festivals, including - in Edinburgh and Avignon. And, like any professional, Hermanis trying to figure out the smallest details in the thread, and then create it. So in this case, to better understand the villagers of Russia, their interests and experiences, the director organized a trip to his homeland Shukshin - in Altai village splices. Acting troupe together with Latvians - photographer and artist Gints Malderisom Pormale Monica for a few days immersed in the atmosphere Russian hinterland. They visited the local museum in the homes of fellow Vasili Kravchuk, a lot of talking, taking pictures. And here's the result!... Continue reading
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Currently in operation are a large number of kamaz vehicles with turbo engines and mechanical controls such as fuel injection pump. Traditional mechanical gas-diesel systems used to Conversion of these cars to work on the does not provide the optimum ratio filing pilot dose of diesel fuel and gas mixture, which can lead to accidents in the process operation: at the moment of detonation; burnout pistons. High consumption of diesel and gaseous fuel does not provide effective reduction of operating costs, environmental benefits from switching to gaseous fuels is minimal. To eliminate the above shortcomings technicians specialized gas center "(official dealer and service center of ) conducted development of electronic gas-diesel power system with an (electronically controlled gas-diesel engines): the work was to develop and manufacture prototypes on the basis of withets of gas-diesel with the . Pluses of the gas-diesel systems with easy device, ease of installation and operation of identical trousers diesel cars - the opportunity to work on the two fuels, maintained regular diesel mode - performance requirements for modern ecology - is starting the engine in diesel mode, taking into account the engine coolant temperature (cold and hot start) - Economics the effect of substitution of... Continue reading
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The tables of investment, so fashionable in these times have proven to be an excellent home remedy to relieve lower back and back pain in general. Swarmed by offers, Chase Koch is currently assessing future choices. What do these investment tables, that come to be a kind of bench strength with a rotation mechanism, is put upside down, literally. This position is achieved gradually so don't worry, many donning upside down is an awkward position to start. You simply make sure the table and start down slowly to a not very vertical position to start, then in different sessions you'll reaching more upright as you can. Tables of investment, or rather the inverted position is used since long time for relief from back pain until the symptoms of stress. For even more details, read what Chase Koch says on the issue. The operation is based on the therapies of investment, and tables come in different sizes depending on among other things in the height. If you're thinking about buying a first keep in mind the space available in your home. Machines are not so great as a multistation completes or a treadmill, but the space is an important aspect to... Continue reading
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' Mannering finances are the study of as psychology affects the taking of financial decision and the markets financeiros.' ' Hersh Shefrin This clear and objective definition given for one of the most productive researchers on the subject of the one good idea of the abrangncia and importance to study Mannering Finances at a time where the globalizados financial markets become each time more gifts, directly or indirectly, in day-by-day of the common citizen. According to Eduardo Camilo-da-Hiss and Claude Barbedo, authors of the book Intelligent People Also Lose Money in the Stock exchange, its relevance are still bigger in the Brazilian market of action. Here, the people had only very recently started to consider these assets as a viable strategy for the search of personal objectives of short and long stated period, as the purchase of property, the retirement and the education of its children. The new investors, according to Eduardo Camilo-da-Hiss and Claude Barbedo, are still very strong citizens to the effect of shunting lines of the rationality. With this, the book sample that to be intelligent is not the sufficient one to protect itself of these mannering vices. Basically, you need to know these vices, to be... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2018 at Austin Startup
Even the most delicate sandpaper when driving chopping rotated, the friction force is not enough, and turning the strip so only exacerbates the situation by increasing the diameter of the seat. Since the publication of this technology in our almost all professionals have reacted to it negatively. I think that this is based on not understanding physics of the phenomenon attempt the process and the possibility of using the method I described situations, and the idea that fine formulated by Mr. Bargo, quote: "Here in our adjusters are professionals with years of experience, and he tries them 'vpyalit' common nonsense under the guise of an unusual 'know-how'. America, damn it, opened it ... Well, not ponimash butch? ". So my futile attempts to direct the discussion in its real technical track responses almost never found. Elite tuners did not consider it necessary to engage in discussion and debate is a classic peg nail with a notch or an ordinary screw or something in between, which has properties of both of them, confining and demeaning, according to the authors, withering remarks, claiming to be thoughtfully and in truth last resort and with the sole purpose of removing the threads from the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2017 at Austin Startup
Within pure psychology and more specifically of Psychiatry, pessimism is one of the manifestations or most common symptoms of the disease of exogenous or endogenous depression or dysthymia. on pessimism reminds us that we must not get caught by the pessimism, the worst thing is that who are keen to see the negative side of things, in addition to becoming unhappy people, have a painful ease to sour the lives of those with on the side, especially if the victims are children or young people, or emotionally dependent on the person always unsatisfied. Unpleasant experiences tend to tie us to the past and to inhibit us the future, because us condition and dread. Simplifying a little, give equal how go us things really, because if we show a negative and pessimistic bias, the blissful moments tamizaremos in excess and perceive them with suspicion and reservations, without scoring to our credit. Normally, the embittered tend to play the role of victim, a form of interpersonal communication in which (almost always to capture the energy and attention outside), assume one several of these roles: from Tracker, which makes wrong, interrogates and is perceived as a ready that knows everything and punishes... Continue reading
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Have you ever thought about the origins of modern women's handbags? Ladies' handbags or occupy a very important place in the history of fashion, beginning with those most times when people had something valuable, destined to be worn with them. The very first literary reference is dated the fourteenth century, although the ancient Egyptians portrayed the prototype bags at their waists. Initially, women's bags were attached to so-called a corset that went around the waist. Precious stones and embroidery adorned them and served to underscore the status of the owner. The richer a person is, the more treasures found on a bag. The name of vanity bag began to come into use in the early 20 th century. These were hand luggage bag, worn mostly men, and then popularized as handbags. Recent become satisfied with the various lightning inner compartments and locks. Along with the decorations, such bags have special compartments for opera glasses, fans, and cosmetics. In 1920 there was a revolution in fashion, which includes changes in the length of apparel and clothing transformation to a lighter. Bags are no longer necessarily have to be strictly fit the clothes. Fashionista in this time preferred to carry a doll... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2016 at Austin Startup