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Well, you know I'm all about social media, so I have to comment here. I love FB and Twitter for completely different reasons. FB, for me, is about personal connections. And Twitter is for networking. If I weren't pursuing a writing career, weren't blogging beneath the pub industry umbrella, etc., I wouldn't be on Twitter. It would be, for me, a profound waste of time. FB, on the other hand, is decidedly NON-professional--much more personal. Of course, I'm *me* on FB, so that changes things quite a bit. (And, admittedly, my "Authoress" FB account is much more of a bulletin board for my blog than anything else.) On FB, I've reconnected with folks I haven't seen in 20+ years. People from vastly different circles of my life leave comments on the same thread, which I find fascinating (and freaking weird). And there are PHOTOS, which I adore. So for me, it's not one-or-the-other. It's both, each for vastly different reasons.
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LOL Brilliant! :)
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I think I'll keep you.
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Well, of course you're a morning person. I don't click with non-morning people. :)
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True: I grew up next to a set of twins named Timmy and Tammy (for real). Also, a friend once told me he read of a set of twins named Lemonjello and Orangejello, pronounced "Le-MON-Juhllo and o-RON-juhllo.
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