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Not vintage enough, just wrong
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2013 on Vintage Hockey Jersey at MISTER MORT
By the by, Mister Mort, are you aware that MORT means DEATH
Are you srsly afraid of teh evil eye? I am disapoint.
Why the fuck are you not letting thru the comments?! Do you actually prefer to display "0 comments" under all your entries? This makes your blog look DEAD Do you censor the comments or are you just absentminded like that? Choose the option to let the comments be displayed automatically, DONT CENSOR or your blog will die
Why do you always CENSURE my comments? Not a single one of my comments has been allowed to go thru. Fuck this. This is my last comment if I don't see it. No wonder your little blog is dead, 0 comments under every entry. If you don't respect your audience then I hope you die.
this is neither hipster, nor interesting, it's just plain ugly
What is this kind of purse thing called? I need one for the ebook reader and thingies, where can I find one other than fleemarket or thrift shop (very unlikely)
Slightly antipathic
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2012 on A Chassid & His Chains at MISTER MORT
Could someone post a link to a tutorial how to tie a neck tie like this plx
Sorry for posting here - I wanted to comment on the June 19 entry (Pitty Uomo something rather) but the Post button is greyed out, impossible to comment on that entry. So what I wante dto know is, could someone post a link to a tutorial on how to tie a neck tie like that dude in chinese hat pl0x
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Jun 20, 2012